Tips to create a content plan for a small business

by Catrin Cooper Writer

You have a problem here, you trout faced donkey. Consider this, you purple cheeked carrot lover, would you take dieting advice from an overweight person? Would you take dating advice from a nerd? Have you looked in the mirror recently, you potbellied nostril farmer?

Our content plan got you right here right now, and our content creator somehow got you past that ugly first paragraph. Do we know what we are going on about? Should you take our advice? Well, we got you this far...

 Fishing in A Big Pond

 Let’s start simple. If you are looking to attract people from a big pool of potential customers, such as people from Google, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and from high-ranking websites, then your content needs to be fairly unoriginal. For example, if your content were music, then it wouldn’t be Beethoven, it would be Britney.

 You will not create any die-hard fans, but your content will get more eyes that most others. In some cases, this is appropriate. For example, if you were trying to sell online-TV subscriptions, then the more people that see your adverts—the better. If you are trying to sell niche products that only a small minority of people want, then you are going to have to create more original and unique content.

Tasty Bait in A Smaller Pond

 If you are looking to sell a product that has less of a wide appeal, then you need to be more original, more unique, and you need to tailor your content to your target audience. Look at the old TV show “Friends” and look at the newer TV show “Rick & Morty.”

Friends had a great mainstream appeal. It featured many elements that you have seen everywhere before, from elements of Seinfeld to elements right back to elements of Sex and the City. Rick & Morty only has limited appeal, but it is so unique and highly targeted that its fans have literally rioted in branches of McDonalds because of the show. Have you seen any riots by crazed fans of Will & Grace? Marches about Everybody Loves Raymond? Punch ups over the Brady Bunch?

Stop Agreeing with Those Who Self Congratulate

Maybe this is the biggest key to content success. People who self-congratulate are often those who label. They label people racist, sexist, mind-controlled, dumb, or whatever, and they use those labels as a way of dismissing somebody. After all, why engage with a person who is ignorant, racist, or whatever the label is? Great success can be had when you stop agreeing with people who self-congratulate. Don’t “intentionally” go against them (by accident is okay), but do not pander to them either.

An uptight housewife told Quentin Tarantino that she thought Kill Bill was disgusting, to which he replied, “I didn't make it for you.” He in-fact made it for thriller-lovers and for young women who hadn't had a female hero since Buffy. If Quentin made movies for self-congratulating PC bullies, they would have all been versions of Despicable Me 2. Quentin didn't make Kill Bill to upset uptight self-coagulators, but he didn't allow their opinions to dictate his actions either.

Do not intentionally go against the grain for attention. Just stop agreeing with those who self-congratulate. You have seen Facebook posts where people have written all the things that are “Not” funny, such as homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, trans-genderism, and many more. If you wrote a joke and followed every rule these people laid out, your jokes would be terrible. Don’t intentionally create a joke that is meant to offend, such as a racist joke, but if your joke is funny and turns out to be racist, do not try to clean it up for the sake of pandering to self-coagulators. The intention of a joke is the real cause of offense, not what others “decide” is supposed to be offensive. If you create a joke with the intention of harm or causing offense, then you will, if you create a joke to be funny, then reasonable people will recognize and appreciate that fact.

 A Good Content Creator Is Worth 1000 Good Content Plans

Nobody says you have to hire professional writers, but it is important that you understand the importance of having a good content creator. Think of it this way, it is possible to have a terrible movie script and still have a good movie because of the actors (e.g. Wayne’s World), and it is possible to have a good script and yet have a terrible movie because of the actors (e.g. Sofia Coppola & Andy García in Godfather 3).

A similar thing is true in the world of content creation and content planning. You can have a truly amazing content plan and ruin it with a terrible content creator. Even an average or above-average content creator can ruin an otherwise perfect content plan. 

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