5 Crucial Factors To Consider When Investing In Real Estate

by Catrin Cooper Writer
Real estate investing involves risk, just like other types of investments. However, the type of risk involved is
favorable and with low liquidity. Despite that, you must still be careful in choosing a property that you wish
to invest in.

When investing real estate, there are some crucial factors that you must consider. Once you think about them,
it can help in increasing your capital appreciation and your rental income from it.

1. Location
In real property investment, location still rules. It remains the most vital factor if you wish to be profitable in
this endeavor.

You should consider investing in a property that is close to amenities. It must be peaceful.

Study its neighborhood status. How about its scenic views?

These are some of the things to consider when you evaluate a residential property.

For a commercial property valuation, consider how close it is to warehouses, transport hubs, markets,
freeways, etc.

However, if you found a property situated in a peaceful community, you must think about how the locality
will evolve over your investment period.

Will it remain a peaceful land or will it be developed into a noisy facility in the future, resulting in the
property to be less profitable?

When you’re looking for a property to invest, consider the type of property and the usage of the neighboring
areas, as well as the free land and establishments surrounding it.

2. Purpose of investing
Don’t choose a property based on your emotions. Instead, consider your finances and logic in buying it.

Keep in mind that purchasing it for an inappropriate reason can result in growth in the capital but below the
market average. It may also lead to small rental income that won’t cover your monthly costs in maintaining
the property.

That’s why when you purchase a property, you need to have a clear purpose. Do you buy and lease it? Buy
and self-use it? Buy and sell for short-term or sell over a long period?

Always keep in mind that when you invest in a property, you need to gain something from it. Thus, don’t
purchase a property in haste.

3. Cost of investing
Investing in real estate isn’t simple. Just because you made a lump sum payment, doesn’t mean that the
dividends will roll in. Remember that when you invest either in residential or commercial, you’ll accrue
costs and you’ll pay for them monthly and throughout owning the property.

These costs would include maintenance, taxes, utilities and interest rates, and several others. You need to
know these before you actually invest in it. In this way, you’ll have a general idea of what your future
expenses will be when you own it.

4. New or existing establishment
You need to decide between the two, especially if you’re looking into the best places to invest in real estate in Florida 2018. New construction properties in Florida may offer attractive pricing.

It also gives you clear documented amenities or clear titles. But you have to deal with the construction
company. There are also risks including an increase in costs, delay in possessing the property, and you don’t
have a clear idea of the neighborhood.

On the resale side, you need to check on ownership and documents thoroughly. If you choose to invest in
new construction, check the past projects of the construction company to know its reputation.

Then, review the recent survey and property deeds. Know the monthly maintenance costs and taxes, as well
as outstanding dues from past owners. Keep in mind that these prices can impact your regular cash flows.

5. Method of acquiring the property
Do you apply for a loan? If you do, make sure to consider the interest. Although loans are convenient, it
comes at significant cost.

You’re committing your future income to pay for the loan. Understand how you will handle loans so that you
will know how you can maximize its benefits. Ignore those risks, and you will endure the major pitfalls.

Choose the right mortgage loan that suits your situation. Know the terms and conditions and study the other
charges by financiers. Use a mortgage calculator to hunt for a bargain deal.

Investing in real estate offers a high-value return. With careful consideration of the factors mentioned above,
you can reap the benefits while minimizing the risks.

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