Tips to Assess Various Gemstones in Detail

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Conducting a close study of gemstones may be a tricky affair. This is particularly apt for those who do not have even the slightest knowledge about the gemstone world. However, before dealing in gemstones, it is imperative to do a detailed study of the gem. Do not get confused here. With the help of our jewellery experts, we have compiled a list of ways in which you can assess the gem and make the right purchase decision.

In order to retain the gemstone in its original condition, there are a couple of identification tests that a buyer usually avoids. These tests consist of hardness, cleavage as well as streak tests.Every stone is not the same in terms of hardness. Some are harder as compared to other stones.

Generally, a stone’s hardness is determined by the Mohs’ Scale. Start by scratching the outer of the stone. This could be done by using different elements available in a hardness kit. Suppose, a stone gets scratched, then it can be interpreted that it has a soft characteristic. On the other hand, the hardness of the stone can be established by the fact that it remained unaffected by the scratch.

The manner in which a piece of crystal splits is known as cleavage. For example, you find chips along the surface, then do a thorough examination of the area within the chips. In case this does not happen, strike the stone with all your force to break it. Look whether the area is a rounded or uneven or step-like structure or powdered.

The optical phenomenon takes places within selective stones. The process may vary from one stone to another. You need to look at the change in colour, bands of light and other vital things. To examine the optical phenomena,  allow a penlight through the surface of the stone.

Every stone follows a different colour pattern. Thus, it must be assessed individually. Change in colour is a major optical phenomenon to closely examine. Also, keep an eye at colour change from natural light to incandescent light and fluorescent light.

In dealers selling bulk gemstones words, lustre refers to the quality and degree of intensity to which a surface reflects light. However, there is a little trick to check for lustre. It has to be carried out on the gem’s portion with the most shining polish. Also, see the stone under natural light with the help of 10x loupe.

After these close observations, come to the conclusion about the stone’s characteristics which can from dull to shiny or from waxy to silky.

With the help of a refractometer, a buyer or dealer of wholesale gemstone beads can ascertain the refractive index. A refractometer will allow you to determine the degree at which the light’s course is changed inside the stone. Every gemstone possesses a unique RI. Therefore, finding out RI of a lot of wholesale gemstones can help you in understanding the stone better in terms of quality and other factors.

Hope you found this blog useful. In case of any query or assistance, feel free to connect with our wholesale gemstone beads dealers.

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