6 Crystals for a Healthier Life

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The crystals are mined from the earth’s core. They bring with them the richness of the earth. They can heal the body from negative vibrations, regulate body energy and restore beauty. Crystals are known for their spiritual powers; used aggressively in meditation, visualization and astrology. You don’t have to become a crystal expert or a gemologist for benefiting from their usage. Identifying the purpose of different gemstones will shed light on the crystals you should invest in.

Here are 6 crystals to improve the quality of your life -

Turquoise - Did you suffer from an ailment that has left you weak? Wear a turquoise pendant. When your body is constantly in touch with the crystal, it relieves you from the old diseases and pains caused by recovered wounds. It was worn as a talisman by the sea mariners in ancient times. It is believed to be a lucky charm. Gifting turquoise jewelry to someone increases its healing abilities in multifold. Along with healing, it purifies your soul. Thus, it helps people to stay truthful to their loved ones. If you are interested in turquoise jewelry, contact your nearby bulk gemstones seller.

Bloodstone - The crystal is connected to blood. Donning this stone boosts purification of blood in your body. It improves the flow of blood and the energy inside you. The green-red stone helps you fight drowsiness, procrastination, and negativity. If you often feel low, carry this stone everywhere with your pocket. It will boost your enthusiasm.

Smoky Quartz - Some bad experiences are difficult to forget. We hold to the bitter memories which wastes a lot of our energy. Accumulating the worst times in mind can have unhealthy implications. Smoky Quartz shields you from bad vibes. It helps you release the negative emotions, breaking the cycles of nagging yourself. This creates a space for positive feelings in your heart.

Rose Quartz - The pink colour signifies love. Rose quartz is a symbol of unconditional love. It evokes the gentle feeling of kindness and compassion for others. It isn’t for attracting someone in your life rather indulges you in deeper self-love. Wearing rose quartz brings you attention to everything that fills your life with love. You nurture your relationships and support the ones who love you with greater care.

Carnelian - We all have dreams and goals in life. The most innovative people can create things all of the thin air for a living. Lack of confidence in your vision and past failures are some roadblocks which often stop us from achieving what we want from life. Carnelian motivates you to pursue your dream. You are more in touch with your inner self when wearing carnelians.
Quartz crystal - Quartz is found on earth in abundance. It is a prime product at bulk gemstones store. The mineral composition of quartz crystal match to human cells. Being in touch with the body it stabilizes the mental energy. It cleans off the mind and brings more clarity in thinking.

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