Tips for Microwave Oven Common Problems

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If your favorite dinners are still coming out frozen in the middle it’s time to take action. Here are some tips to help you get back to successfully heating meals in the microwave. There are problems you can correct yourself some you can have professionally repaired and some that will have you considering a new microwave.

Warning: Microwaves contain high voltage parts that can be dangerous even when unplugged handle correctly unless you’re a certified expert don’t attempt to get into its internal workings.

Make sure microwave has a problem before you spend any time or money to make sure that your microwave has a real problem, the best way to check is by heating water. Fill a glass measuring cup with water to the one cup mark put the cup in the microwave and set it to heat on full power for one minute repeat the process with fresh water several times if the water is not consistently warm you have confirmed there’s a problem.

Correct any program errors:

If your microwave is falling to heat correctly, you may be in a previously programmed setting. Press the stop or cancel button and start the heat process again but use a higher power setting this may correct the problem otherwise there may be a problem with the circuit board and its connections. If the qualified professional concludes that the circuit board is defective, the most practical fix may be to buy a new microwave.

Try drying out the circuitry:

Microwaves that are installed above the range may be altered by steam from cooking condensation accumulating on the circuitry can prevent heating allow the circuitry to dry out by avoiding stop cooking for a few days. If you are still having the same problem it could be a loose connection in the circuitry or a faulty door, safety switches a qualified professionals can repair or replace malfunctioning parts.

Listen for Strange sounds:

A vibrating or humming microwave that emits a gentle burning smell could indicate a damaged magnetron, replacement of high voltage capacitor or diode magnetrons are expensive so if a service professional determines that is the problem you may be better off buying a new microwave.

Capacitor and diode parts cost much less but remember you’ll be paying for the technician to have them installed correctly and safely .it may still make more sense to buy a new microwave.

Prevent future microwave troubles:

Never slam a microwave door even if you are in a hurry and always hit the stop or cancel button before you open the door to remove food these steps will prevent damage to the door safety switch and that’s crucial because microwaves are designed not to work when the safety switch is damaged.

Remember microwaves are too dangerous to try fixing so to contact a microwave oven repair service center for more tips and troubleshooting advice.

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