How to resolve Desktop Screen issues?????

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Now we know about how to troubleshoot your monitor connection when the computer starts but the monitor remains blank. Follow these steps to check if the blank monitor is caused by the computer hardware, the video signal to the monitor, or the monitor itself. Before you begin, make sure the monitor has power and the power light comes on when you press the Power button. If you have a flat panel LCD monitor, unplug the monitor power cable, and wait about 30 seconds. Then reconnect the cable and turn on the monitor. This resets the monitor.

If the monitor has a detachable video cable, you will need a second cable for testing. Disconnect all devices from your computer, except the mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Remove any USB drives and memory cards from card reader slots. If you can hear the computer fan spinning and see lights on the computer, the problem might be with the video cable connection or the monitor.


1)         Connect the various monitors to the computer to test for video cable and monitor problems: First, turn off your computer and monitor. Disconnect the monitor from the computer and then connect another monitor to the computer. Turn on the computer and the monitor. If the new monitor works, the original monitor cable might want to be replaced. Replace the original monitor cable with a new cable, and then plug the original monitor back into the computer. Turn on the monitor. If the monitor displays an image, you are completed troubleshooting. If the monitor remains blank, disconnect it and go to the next solution.

2)         Inspect the cable and video connectors for damage: If there are any bent pins in the connectors, carefully straighten them with a small metal tube, like the tip of an empty mechanical pencil. If any pins are broken, or if the cable is sharply bent or broken, replace the cable. Reconnect the monitor to the computer and turn it on. If the monitor displays an image, you are completed troubleshooting. If the monitor remains blank, disconnect it. And reconnect the working monitor.


3)         Change the display resolution: If the working monitor displays the startup screen, then goes blank, follow these steps to change the Windows display resolution. Press the Windows and I key at the same time and then click the Power icon. Hold down the Shift, and click on Restart. Click Troubleshoot, and then click advanced options. Click Startup Settings and then click Restart. Press the F3 key to Enable low-resolution video. Wait until Windows opens. Connect the original monitor. Change the display resolution to match the default setting for the monitor.


4)         Check for loose components: If the computer makes a beeping sound when it is turned on, a card, cable, memory module, or processor inside the computer may have come loose. Some components can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. Unplug the keyboard, monitor, mouse and power cable from the computer. Press and keep the Power button for 5 seconds. Turn the computer over its side, with the movable panel facing up. Remove the screws from the side panel. Gently press down on the outside edges of cards and memory modules to make sure they are securely in place. Do not press too hard. Lightly press down on the connectors of the flat ribbon cables. Replace the side panel and screws. Reconnect the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and power cable. And turn on the computer and monitor. If the monitor displays an image, you are completed troubleshooting.


If the monitor remains blank or displays no signal message, the video hardware might be faulty and should be replaced or serviced.


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