Tips for Audio Transcription and Recording

by Titus Livingston Sales Manager

Audio Transcription can be said to be a written record of words that are spoken. These words could be in the form of podcasts or videos. If you have ever used the feature of speech-to-text on your phone, then you should know that this is one of the audio transcription services. Audio transcription could contain more than a thousand words depending on how it can be used. Music pauses, and other various sounds in the discussion could be indicated in the background.

Some tips can be used when an audio file is to be produced to make it of the highest quality. The Audio with high quality is one of the various ways in which you can guarantee that you have the best audio transcription service. This service will be done very quickly and accurately. There are some ways in which can improve your recording for better audio transcription services:

Investment on Recording Device

A high-quality microphone or recording device is a good investment. If you need audio transcription services, we recommend that you invest in a good quality microphone or recorder. This decision is because better audio quality will be gotten when a good microphone or recorder is being used. This fact does not imply that high-quality Audio cannot be obtained using a phone, but using a good microphone makes it easy.

Selection of Location

Background noise should be limited when you plan on recording the Audio that needs to be transcribed. You have to take your time to know which environment would be silent, so, in the end, you can have the best transcription services from us. If a phone is being used, for a discussion or interview, the place needs to be quiet. The location must be without noises in the background, must have few people around and no loud music. It is best to reduce the sounds that are controllable when recording in an office. All machines should be unplugged such as printers, computers, etc. which are not in use at the time of recording. Doors and windows should be closed, air conditioners and ventilators should be turned off.

For accurate interview transcription services, the microphone should be placed closer to the interviewee when recording an interview. Questions would most likely have been written down and ready to catch the wordings of what the interviewee has to say in response, the microphone should be placed closer to the person. The person should not be interrupted while talking. This fact is because cross-talking is difficult to transcribe, and a lot of important details will not be heard and would miss been transcribed.

Test the Recording Device

The recording device should be tested before the recording session to prevent any issue with the device. This act can help in finding the best place to put the recording device and control the sound quality. You should also learn how to start a recorder and stop it. Files should be gotten correctly from the device after recording so as not to distort or lose the data.

Clear speaking should be practiced because even when a piece of equipment is of high quality if not used correctly, it would not reflect. You have to speak gradually and, pronunciations should be watched, and stuttering and slurring should be avoided. Hard consonants should not be articulated directly into the phone or else sounds that pop and hiss sharply would be gotten. If you are recording a speech, consider asking speakers to state their names, affiliation, and title distinctly. This helps in improving the finished transcription quality.

The recording device should be centered when recording. Especially when recording more than one speaker, the audio equipment for recording should be positioned at the center of the speakers. The speaker should be drawn closer to someone with a soft voice which does not travel far. This act will increase the person’s volume and lead to high quality in the final audio Transcription.


A test recording should be created when new equipment is in use, or a record is in a new or unusual position. It is essential to value the act of test recording for the achievement of best audio transcription service. You make a simple short recording, and you are good to go. Do note that an audio recording with low quality leads to an audio transcription with low quality. And this can lead to broader issues in the long run.

Choose the Best Service Provider

Right transcription service should be chosen to have the best audio transcription. There are different options available to create audio Transcription once you have your audio recording. The choices available to you is to decide whether you prefer a human-based transcription service or a software-based transcription service. It is better to get the best audio transcription service from humans, to save time and get accurate results.

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