Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Floors and Tiles Easily!

by Brittany Wolfe Content Writer
Tiles are much more than just simple flooring or decoration for your walls. 
They can really be the centerpiece of your kitchen, bathroom or the living area.
Cleaning grout is considered to be an important part of keeping your tiles looking impressive. Tiles for flooring in fort collins are popularly used in nearly every home, whereas studies have revealed that marks rarely show up on black grout, white and grey grouting can stain easily and make your room look dirty even if it’s clean. The tiles themselves need a little attention every now and then for maintaining it’s sustainability. 

Here Are Some Tips For Cleaning Your Floors And Tiles Easily!

As wax is bound to build-up on resilient flooring which tends to cause yellow-ish in time. In order to remove the yellowish stains, you must remove the layers of old wax and freshen up the floor by thoroughly washing it with a mixture of 1 cup ammonia in a bottle of 2 liters. Give the solution enough time for settling and then start scrubbing with a nylon or plastic scouring pad. Wipe away the leftover residue with a clean cloth or sponge, thereafter giving the floor a thorough rinsing.  

Pencil Eraser:
To help maintain your tile in fort collins, you can easily use a pencil eraser for removing the stains of the new shoes that your husband has left black streak marks all over the kitchen floor. An eraser will take them off easily. 

Steel Wool:
Sounds strange right? There are various marks mainly caused by rubber soles that been left unnoticed and are relatively hard to take off, no matter how hard you try! To get rid of a vinyl floor of unsightly smudges, you can simply wish to rub the surface gently with a moistened steel wool soap pad. When the heel mark is gone it is advised to wipe the floor clean with a damp sponge.

Vinegar Or Tea:
Tea is widely known around the world, but nobody ever was aware of its cleaning and bleaching properties. The freshly brewed tea is proven to be great for cleaning the wood furniture and floors easily by boiling a couple of tea bags in one liter of water, thereby giving it time to let it cool. Dip a soft cloth in the tea, wring out the excess, and wipe away the debris and grime. Buff dry with a clean, soft cloth. Considering how vinegar is effective in removing the smallest and the harshest stains, is a good tip to use. If soap scum or water spots have dulled the ceramic tiles around the sink or bath of your home, bring back the brightness by scrubbing them with 1/2 cup white vinegar with 1/2 cup ammonia, and 1/4 cup borax mixed in 1 gallon which is approximately (3.7 liters) warm water. Rinse well with cool water and let air-dry.

Lighter Fluid:
You don’t have to scrub hard for removing those black heel marks on the kitchen floor. Simply gather and pour a little lighter fluid on a paper towel and the marks will wipe right off in no time. 

Cleaning Steps You Must Follow!


  • Damp-mop floors with a mixture of natural grout cleaning products and warm water.  Wring it to prevent any drips and apply to the floor using slow and even strokes.
  • Spills on unglazed floors should be wiped up immediately before a stain occurs.
  • Remove stubborn stains and ensure if you spot test any new products first.


  • Remove your shoes before entering a room with tiled floors.
  • Lay both an outdoor and indoor mat at the entrance to your home to prevent any dirt coming inside.   
  • Keep pets away from tiles as their claws can scratch the flooring.
  • Try to keep potential stain-causing substances away from tiles.

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