Tips for Cleaning and Shining Hardwood Floors

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Using the wrong product on your hardwood floors can create a very unappealing finish or even damage your floors. When floors are made of unfinished or unsealed wood, which is very absorbent, polish should never be used. Instead, go with a wax. However, if your hardwood has a waterproof surface, then polishing your floor can be very beneficial. Know your floor type, before jumping into a cleaning session and potentially doing more harm to your floors than good. If you would rather skip the hassle, then contact residential floor cleaning services, for professional floor cleaning in Champaign, IL. Here are some tips for cleaning hardwood floors.

Minimize Dirt and Damage

It’s always a good idea to take off your shoes before walking across your hardwood floors. Unless, your flooring is of the weathered variety, where more dents and scratches can only add more character and charm, then remove your shoes. Even if the degree of dirt on your shoe is barely noticeable, it will still create more frequent dirt buildup than if you had removed them before trekking across the floor. 

Sand particles grinding on the floor as you walk can also do damage to wood floors. Always have doormats inside and outside of your doorways leading outside, this will also lower the dirt buildup. Make it convenient by having a shoe rack or holder available upon entry. If it snows in your area, or for when it rains, have a designated area for removing boots, this will minimize any damage caused from ice or water.

Remove the Existing Dirt, Pet Hair, and Dust

Before washing your hardwood floor, remove any dirt. To remove the dirt, simply go for a dust mop, vacuum, or broom and remove as much dirt, as possible. Dirt particles can scrape and grind away at your floor. So, they should never be rubbed into your floor. It’s best to use a duster or, even better, a microfiber duster, to remove any existing dirt, pet hair, or dust.

For Heavy Cleaning of Oil, Dirt, or Grime

Such things as, oil, dirt, or grime, may buildup on your floor over time and create a need for some deep cleaning. Create a solution mixing together one gallon of water with one cup of vinegar. Dip your mop into the liquid and squeeze it out, until it’s mostly dry and slightly damp. Always, mop your floor in the same direction as your floorboards are laid. This will minimize the appearance of streaking, when the water dries. When you are done, let it air dry or use a soft towel.

Contact your local floor company, for professional floor cleaning in Champaign, IL.

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