Three Relevant Questions That You May Ask With The Urologist During Your First Visit

by Aditya Pradhan Doctor
A urologist is a physician as well as a surgeon who is an expert and specialized in diagnosis and treatment of genitourinary and adrenal gland issue in the patients of any age or sex. He treats the issues that are pertinent to the organ such as kidneys, bladder, prostate, penis, and testicles. He also looks after and cures the problems and diseases that are related to several other structures such as ureters, urethra, duct, etc.  

It has been observed a number of times that when you go to a urologist in Delhi, we are not fully aware of his professional qualification, experience, credentials, treatment ability and so on. Similarly, the doctor may also not have any information regarding you and the problem you have. Under such circumstances, it is always recommended to do some homework before knocking the door of the urologist.

You can ask some relevant question that will help you to know more about the urologist, his ability to cure the disease and apprehension regarding your disease. There can be many more questions like that, however, today I am going to cover the three most important question that must be an asked a urologist by the patients during the initial consultation or maiden visit.

1. What is your overall experience in cases like mine

This question is has extremely significant to ask with the urologist because there are several urologists who focus their training and practice in subspecialty areas such as pediatric urology (disorders in children) or female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery (disorders in women). Many doctors concentrate their practice on treating a specific disease or disorders like prostate cancer, kidney cancer, etc. Hence, people who required a specialist within the field of urology that is pertinent and specific to their condition must find out the area of specialization of the urologist in advance. If the urologist has a fair amount of experience in treating the issues like yours, you may consider him to proceed with the treatment.

2. what information you want about me and my disease

You must be proactive regarding the consultation with the urologist and prepared all the relevant answer to the question that the urologist may ask you to know about you or your disease. It can be deceptive for the urologist if you could not tell the doctor regarding your medical history, particular issues related to disease and how it affects your life. Since urologist in Delhi also looks after men's sexual issue such as erectile dysfunction, they find that many such candidates hesitate to speak out clearly about such issue. So, it is better to be prepared and share the information a urologist requires for better treatment.

3. What is my risk of prostate cancer?

It is one of the most common issues to see a urologist. So, it is not a bad approach at all to ask about the risk of developing this kind of disease in your case. You may also add that should I start screening for prostate cancer, if you have fear of developing such disease.

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