Surgical Treatment For Kidney Cancer Treatment

by Aditya Pradhan Doctor

If you are diagnosed with kidney cancer, surgery is the most effective and only treatment for most of the kidney cancers. There are very few chances of surviving without having surgical treatment for the disease. Even, in many case people whose cancer has spread out to other organs of the body, may get benefited from the surgical approach. Removing the kidney tumor or kidney containing cancer during the kidney cancer treatment in Delhi can help some people live longer than expected. This is the reason why doctors recommend for surgery even if cancer has spread out to other organs as well.

There are many kidney cancer surgeries performed by the expert urologist, however, the choice of surgery highly depends on the stage and location of cancer as well as some other factors. The surgical approach to treat kidney cancer may include as such below.

Radical nephrectomy

The surgical procedure of radical nephrectomy comprises the removal of the whole kidney, the attached adrenal gland, adjacent lymph nodes, and the fatty tissue around the kidney. Several incisions are made in the middle of the abdomen, under the ribs or in the back. Albeit, removal of the adrenal gland is the essential part of the radical nephrectomy, however, the surgeon may leave it behind in some kidney cancer cases where the cancer is in the lower part of the kidney and away from the adrenal gland.

Laparoscopic nephrectomy

The procedure requires the insertion of long instruments through incisions. The size of the incision would be about half inch long. The laparoscope is a long tube with a small video camera affixes on the top end which allows the surgeon to see inside of the abdomen on the screen. Generally, one of the incision is made relatively longer to remove the kidney.

Robotic-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy

This is the most ultimate approach used by the surgeon these days. It is also called robotic surgery in which laparoscopic surgery is done using a robotic system. The surgeon sits on the at a panel near the operating table and controls robotic arms of to perform kidney cancer treatment. The biggest advantage of robotic-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy is that it allows the surgeon more flexibility and precision when moving the instruments than standard laparoscopic surgery.

Partial nephrectomy

Partial nephrectomy as the name suggests allows the surgeon to remove only the part of the kidney that contains cancer as compared to radical nephrectomy where the whole kidney, adrenal glands, fatty tissue, and adjacent lymph nodes are removed. It is preferred and recommended treatment for the early stage of kidney cancer treatment where cancer has not spread out to other adjacent organs. In this procedure of kidney cancer treatment in Delhi, the surgeon makes the incision in several places depending on the location of the tumor. This type of surgery is not suitable if the tumor is in the middle of the kidney or the size is very large. The benefit of partial nephrectomy is that the patient keeps more of the function of the kidney as compared to radical nephrectomy where the whole kidney is removed.

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