Three Problems Faced by Online Music Composers

by Richa Jha Asistent Manager

Each decade since the second half of the 20th century has had its own set of challenges for a music composer. While the era of fifties and sixties had an experimental fervor, the online music scene today is quite pluralistic. There are different aesthetic sense and attitudes found today.

Following are the three problems faced by online music composers. Along with them are some tips or solutions, which could be used.


1.     Too Many Roles


For independent composers, it all comes down to self-production. No one is there to teach them the protocols for promotion or the etiquettes on ‘how to get shows’ for their latest music songs.


A common problem that Indy artists face is when they have to figure out the location and timings of their shows by themselves. This also includes promotion on social networking websites.




·         The trick here is to not get overwhelmed by multiple tasks. Envision the process and the rewards will be great at the end. 

·         Start leveraging your music resources on social networking websites. Create events on social media including contests to engage people and get them exciting. 

·         If other local bands post or share something regarding your music online, then do not hesitate to like it or even give them a shout-out if appropriate. 


2.     Keeping Momentum


Sometimes it can take weeks before you put the tune in your head out on the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and then give it the shape of mp3 songs. 

Challenges facing the composers include finding trustworthy band members to keep up the energy and momentum of the whole group. 

It can get tough to manage people with different personalities and bind them to your schedule. This can drain energy and derail your recording process.




·         Treat people with respect and think about their relevance to your band. For those who listen mp3 online or admire your latest music songs, show your gratitude. 

·         Express to your potential connections about how they inspire you. Keep a friendly relationship and be mutually supportive.


3.     Staying in the Competition

Some music online composers find the act of remaining competitive to be quite challenging. Especially in a context where their counterparts carry a larger support base (both offline and on online social networking websites).

For solo artists managing all these facets can either be depressing or turn out to be positive in the long run.


·         Start by turning contacts into connections. This ‘contact’ could be a person you met once or a respectable entity in the music industry.


·         There should be a mutual trust and chance of gaining benefit through this contact. The connections can help to build fanbase, organize shows, find studios to back the songs album or get favorable reviews for the mp3 songs.


Taking a plunge in the online music world is like creating a business out of nowhere. Creating mp3 songs, is an art that needs your support, energy and entrepreneurial skills. The entire creative process meets many challenges and needs many changes from time to time. 

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