Things you should consider for successful mobile app development

by Rob Stephen getaprogrammer

Creating an out-of-the-box mobile application can be challenging now as there are already millions of applications and to stay ahead in the crowd you need to consider several factors. Here are the most crucial things you must consider for successful mobile app development


Mobile applications have changed human life and behaviour and people now depend on mobile apps for almost everything from reading news to interacting with people, playing games, buying something, booking tickets, and whatnot. The ease of using mobile apps and the increasing demand and usage of applications have also changed the way businesses used to offer their products and services earlier. From startups to enterprises, every business has started investing in mobile app development these days. Having a mobile app has become important to boost sales, conversions, reach, and overall business ROI. Mobile application development is thriving like never before. With the launch of new mobile devices and Operating Systems, there’s no better way to grow your business than having a mobile app. All you need is the right mobile app idea, a reliable mobile application development company, a team of expert app developers, the right strategies, and proper marketing. 


However, just having a normal app is not enough to stay ahead. With over 5.7 million applications already existing on the App Stores, it can be a little difficult to give a competitive edge to your application. And for this, it is crucial to consider a few factors discussed in this article. 


Factors you need to consider to develop a competitive and user-driven mobile application. 


Proper research:

The first thing you need to do is do proper market research. Research on the current mobile application development trends, and user demands, and of course explore the competitors to understand their strong features as well as their weak points. With thorough research, you can understand the reasons for the popularity of similar competitive apps and the competitors’ strategies. With these insights, you can build an app with the features that the users want and include the current market trends as well as the strong features of the competitors. Proper market research can give you useful insights for your application development. 


Also, while doing your research work, you can take a look at the reviews of the customers to have an idea of their likes and dislikes, their choices and preferences, as well as their future demands. Note down the pain areas and resolve those aspects in your application. Proper research will give you the opportunity to make a better plan and strategy for your project and allow you to develop a robust mobile application right from the beginning. 


Identify your target audience:

This also comes under the research work and is highly important. Identifying your target audience is important. The success of your mobile application greatly depends on how your audience will accept it and how much they will love your app. Questions like who all are going to use the app and how the application will add value to their lives, etc., need to be answered first to ensure to meet the user needs through your app development. If your application meets the user or audiences’ expectations, your app will definitely be loved by them and that will help in generating more conversions, reach, and revenue. After all, you are building the app for your users, right? 


The right selection of the platform:

One of the most crucial things you need to consider is the platform on which you are going to deploy your application. It is always suggested to deploy the app on one platform first and be a master of a single platform. Later you can launch your app on the other platforms as well once you get success on one. Android, Windows, and iOS are the three most popular app development platforms and you need to choose one first based on your budget, your target audiences, your app strategy, app features, and your app purpose. Once you are done with the selection of your platform, you need to choose the development methodology that determines whether your app will be a native app, cross-platform, or a hybrid application. 


Know your budget:

Building a business application needs investment along with a good strategy and knowledge. You need to know your budget so that you can decide on which platform you are going to build the app, the features you can include in the app, the tools that need to be used for your app development, and the type of app you can have as per your budget, and the other related aspects. 


Efficient and smooth:

Your application should offer a smooth feel and experience. It should not take more than two to three seconds for your app to get loaded or else your users may simply leave your application getting frustrated. Also, ensure your application doesn’t take up a lot of storage or memory space of the device. A lightweight application is what you should have. 


Also, efficiency is something you need to consider. It includes battery efficiency or battery usage, data usage, security, and user-friendliness. Make sure your app does not drain the battery or consume more data. 


User experience:

Design and develop your app to ensure an exceptional user experience. Use high-quality images and graphics, readable fonts, and a simple, uncluttered, and well-organised design. Include instant customer support options like chat, call, or mail. Include other user-friendly features like a search option, and filter options, and make sure your app is responsive and works smoothly 


Focus on the marketing strategy:

Marketing your app strategically is equally important as developing it or designing it. Creating a buzz before releasing it can promote or market your application in such a way that can drive you more reach and conversions. Different businesses and different apps have a different set of users and you need to analyse your potential user base to make the marketing strategy and promote your app accordingly. 



It is highly important to test your mobile app as many times and on as many mobile devices as possible. This is necessary to ensure your app is free from all bugs and glitches and works flawlessly. 


Today, more than 2 billion smartphone users are there and almost every one of them uses mobile apps for different purposes. Also, there are millions of apps on the App Stores and this data makes it important to create a user-friendly and highly competitive application. And considering these above-mentioned factors can help with this. 


Rob Stephen is an experienced app developer associated with a leading mobile app development company in Australia, GetAProgrammer. The author has written this article to help you create a successful mobile application considering some of the most crucial factors that can give your app a competitive edge.

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