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Lighting is an important aspect of the office environment. They generally light up the workstation, lobbies, conference rooms, and storage rooms. Using the computer without sufficient lights cause eye strain and headache. When employees can see well, they can work well.

Choosing the right LED panel lighting fixture for the office space might put you in confusion but no need to worry, in this article section we'll tell which kind of lighting you need.

Before jump on an ideal lighting fixture, let’s take a look over the lighting standard of an office.

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According to the US General Service Administration (GSA), every type of employees requires a sufficient amount of light to perform and work well om their work station.

The OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) is responsible for setting up the lighting requirement in every commercial space.

Every part of an office has different types of lighting requirements such as the entrance and lobby light fixture different from the work station light appliance.

Let’s check out which types of office requires which types of lighting requirement.

General Lights: The minimum lighting required for the general space like lobbies, corridors, and hallways is a 10-foot candle.

Emergency Lights: For the exit-ways, the illumination must be near like 5-foot candles.

Task Lights: These are spaces where the demand for lighting high rather than other areas such as work station, conference room and much more space where an employee does the official work. The requirement of lighting in such areas is 50-foot candles.


Lighting fixtures have already crossed a long way, now check the journey in short. There are many fixtures have installed in the office area. Here is some of them:

Halogen Lights: It is an incandescent light which is a combination of halogen and inert gas. They have been made of any size and shapes. The most common reason for their failure is that they are fragile and comes with the very shorter lifespan alike 3600 hours.

Metal Halides: These lights are commonly found in the high ceiling office space such as warehouse, also being used in the outdoor space. They were very famous at their time because of the high amount of light dispersion but they consume a huge of wattage which leads to costly utility bills.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs): It is a spiral tube which usually comes in a 2-pin and 4 pin base type. It delivers high lumen output compares than above fixtures. It comes with approx 15,000 hours of life expectancy.

Fluorescent Tubes: These tubes have been a popular choice lighting fixture which comes in the different types such as T5 fluorescent tubes, T8 fluorescent tubes, and T12 fluorescent tubes.

Light Emitted Diodes (LEDs): It the most efficient lighting fixture which operates on lower energy consumption and it comes in a wide variety. For the office area, the ideal fixture is 2x4 LED panel lighting appliance.

Over all the mentioned fixtures LEDs are in the lead now because of its 50,000 hours of life and saving a ton of money spent on utility bills.


There are only some simplest steps to select the lighting fixture for the office area.

  1. Create a lighting plan

  2. Choose the correct fixture 

  3. Don’t forget the natural lights

  4. Pick the natural white light shade

  5. Get the lighting controls

  6. Think of energy consumption

These are the simple tricks that help you to select the right fixture for your commercial space. Make sure that you must have dimmer with your lighting appliances.


Use our contact info below to get in contact with one of our LED office building lighting professionals. They will answer all of your queries and work with you directly to ensure your office is properly illuminated with our indoor LED office ceiling lighting & outdoor lighting fixture at the best cost.

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