How long do LED panel lights Last?

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We all know about the LED (light-emitting diode) lighting products that are being used to lighten the indoor and outdoor commercial, residential and industrial places in a more delightful and energy-efficient way. These lights are widely used everywhere including homes, offices, shops, among many other places and among various kinds of indoor LED lighting products, LED panel lights are widely used at many places to give owners a noticeable amount of savings and maximum required brightness as well.

The LED panel lights are extremely long-lasting lighting products that once installed at the indoor places can give maximum lighting results for more than 50,000 hours. These lights are approximately 50 times longer than a typical incandescent, 20-25 times longer than a typical halogens and almost 8-10 times longer than the CFLs and if these LED panels are lightened for 12 hours a day, they can work for greater than 11 years and if used for just 8 hours a day, will work for another 17 years which is incredibly much higher than the traditional lights.

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Do you need a special dimmer for LED lights?

You might have come across the LED dimmable lights and wondered why you should spend more on buying dimmable LED lights than not buying non-dimmable LEDs, the answer to this is quite simple that these dimmable LED panel lights feature an additional technology which no doubt increases its overall price and becomes more expensive than halogen or incandescent bulbs. This is due to the superior lighting technology used inside these lights that give many long-term benefits as compared to halogen bulbs which are as below

  • Most importantly these lights consume 90% lesser energy as compared to the traditional lights which mean big savings on your energy bills

  • Also they can last up to 20-times longer than the traditional lights and you don’t have to spend anything on constant replacements

  • These lights offer flicker-free lighting results which otherwise is common among traditional bulbs when operated with a dimmer switch.

Last but not least, these Dimmable LED panel lights don’t need any special kind of dimmer and are fully compatible with most of the standard dimmers available in the market. Also, the dimming option of these lights varies from 0-10v and this 0-10V driver is compatible with 0-10V dimmers as well.

Also, the dimming switch in these LED panel lights controls the light and when they are dimmed to lowest levels, the lights will deliver lumens without any flicker.

Are dimmable LED lights worth it?

Many a time we get obsessed to use the latest and most advanced indoor lighting products and among various new styled products, the Dimmable LED lights have also attracted a lot of buyers towards buying these lights. Since these lights are dimmable so they are useful in creating good mood lighting, whether you want to enjoy a romantic night-in or want to play your favorite video game, you can simply turn the dimming option of these lights as per your needs and they are ready to offer you soothing lighting ambience.

These dimmable LED lights are absolutely worth it since you can adjust the dimming option of these lights and can create the lighting ambience exactly the way you want it to be. These lights are ideal for the living spaces, bedrooms and accent lighting and can help you to concentrate on the task at hand and see more of what you’re doing. Besides, you can also install these lights at the commercial places where you want to highlight specific decorative items such as artwork or sculptures and want the customers to pay attention towards the exclusive range of products that you showcased at your stores, then certainly these lights will be beneficial to throw lights in an impressive way.

Is Soft White the same as warm white?

We all know that the LED panel lights are famous for delivering amazing lighting rays that can make the indoor place look more ambient and appealing. Those LED panels that deliver Soft White and Warm White are simply interchangeable descriptors to indicate the color temperature of the light that is being emitted by these lights. Those lights emitting Soft/Warm color glow comes with a light temperature of 2,700K and are perfectly suitable for lighting indoor places in a more graceful way.

Some of the advantages of using dimmable LED panel lights are as follows:

  • These LED panel lights are highly portable lights and you can easily transport them from one place to another, also with a higher lumen output of these lights, they are able to lighten the place in a more graceful way. 

  • You can make energy saving of at least 75% in case you replace them with the traditional form of indoor lights.

  • LEDs are very green and they use much less electricity as compared to any other lighting products which clearly indicates that less electricity has to be produced to operate them, resulting in lower emissions from power plants. By using these lights you can reduce the carbon footprints as well. 

  • By using these LED panels, you will be able to lighten the bigger and wider places as well as these lights have wider beam angle that can lighten the entire place; moreover, there no replacement and maintenance cost attached to these lights.  

  • Also, you will get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer side on buying these dimmable lights.

These LED panel lights have a compelling reason to switch from those energy consuming incandescent lights to these energy-efficient LEDs, and these lights have everything you are looking forward in the lights you are buying. By using just a fraction of the energy, these lights can last for much longer period of time and most importantly at the prices, you can easily afford.

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