Things to Factor in Before You Replace of Your Car’s Tyres

by Star Tyres Automotive

The general guideline says if you are going for tyre replacement, the best way is to do it for all four at a go. Do you know you can take a diverted route for tyre replacement?

Yes, there’s no hard and fast rule that you have to replace all four Car Tyres in Preston. However, when going forward with the same, it is better to make an informed decision. This one and many other factors play a critical role in defining the performance of tyres and your vehicle as well in the long run.

Why not take a look at them?

Rear Axle - the Obvious Choice

When going for a partial replacement, it is best to go forward with mounting new tyres on the rear axle of your car. Here’s why –

  • New tyres on the rear axle provide better control when driving on damp roads. It is because deep treads of new tyres offer a firm grip against hydroplaning.

  • With a tread worn out more on front tyres than the rear ones, the vehicle’s overall control also increases.

  • Tyre treads more worn out on the rear axle as compared to the front ones bear the risk of sliding off due to unbalanced steering response.

  • It is also difficult to recover from over steering with worn-out treads of rear wheels.

Is the Replacement of a Single Tyre Possible?

Expert view says it is ideal to avoid replacement of a single tyre because it results in adverse driving experiences. Nevertheless, circumstances might crop up which call for immediate replacement of one tyre.

In that case, the best way to do so is to go forward with tyre replacement along with a set rotation. Pairing it with a tyre on the opposite end of the axle with a higher tread depth will ensure the utmost driving experience in the given situation.

The rule for mounting it on the rear axle still applies though!

What about Mounting Tyres with Different Specifications?

In the world of car care and maintenance, mounting tyres of varying constructions on the same vehicle is a strict no-no. Unless your vehicle meets one of these specifications –

  • It carries the manufacturer’s recommendation to do so.

  • Tyres of different constructs were pre-mounted or accompanied the vehicle initially.

Mixing of Two Tyre Types – Radial and Bias

Bias and radial tyres are manufactured for different purposes. So, their construction also varies. Hence, when planning to mix the two tyres to mount on your vehicle wheels, the same rule as specified above applies to them too.

How to Get the Right Tyres for Your Vehicle?

Usually, a vehicle comes with manufacturer specifications you should follow when replacing old tyres with new ones. It has all the details you will have to look out for to help you select the correct tyres for your vehicle’s make and model.

However, if you are driving a used vehicle or have somehow lost these specifications, reach out to Star Tyres. Their expert professionals will not only help you out of this fix but also offer a range of Car Tyres Preston you can buy from.

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