These takeaways from case studies will help you a lot in developing your next eCommerce website

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No matter whether you are new or just a seasoned marketer, you can always learn something from the top e-commerce brands. Remember that running an e-commerce business is not an easy task and especially if you are new on the e-commerce business platform. You can also take the help of eCommerce Development Company in Delhi for improving your e-commerce website.

But one of the best ways to learn for growing your eCommerce business is to learn from those models that have already done it. Here is a list of few case studies from where you can learn who different e-commerce businesses are successful. You also need to pay attention to what things you can apply in your business.

Mellow earned $200,000+ in less than one month through preorder sales

Mellow is a company involved in making magical kitchen robot that can sync with your smartphone and help you to cook. With their pre-order sales, they collected revenue of $64,000 in just three days.

  • Takeaway: You need to do the things that don’t scale, in order to get your startup off the position. If you don’t know how to do PR then take the help of reporters or Website Designing Company in Delhi NCR like MMBO. You need to get your service & product in publications.

By following up, attained 40% more conversions

The team of was aware that sending follow-ups emails helped in increased sales but were not aware of the best time frame. So they tested out in two groups, the first group sent the following mail-in morning at 11 and the second group 48 hours after cart abandonment. It was seen that emails that were sent after 48 hours delivered resulted in a 40% conversion rate.

  • Takeaway: It is necessary for you to send the follow-up email to the people who discard their carts. If you want more help regarding this then you can take the assistance of e-commerce development company Delhi.

Edible arrangements enhanced its sale by 8% on the same day by simple message change

In order to educate the customers, they enlarged visibility on their homepage with a banner which featured about the countdown timer to the deadline of same-day delivery.

  • Takeaway: You always need a new product in order to promote something effectively. Digital marketing companies state that you can always boost your sales by making some urgency on your website.

How a small e-commerce website managed to magnetize 293,000 Facebook fans

Diamond candle is a company involved in offering soy-based and scented candles that have a ring at the bottom. In order to drive sales to their business they did not prefer purchasing ads online but went for the biggest marketing strategy through referrals and social media. Without spending any amount on ads, the photos helped in growing their Facebook Fan page to 469,661 fans, as a result, their product page conversion
rate was boosted up by 13%.

  • Takeaway: Remember that the real ambassador of your company is the customers. You need to look out for the way how your customers can become word-of-mouth for your business. It will also help in developing customer loyalty.

Furniture retailers amplified its AOV by 4.6% in 41 days

By just selling the small ticket item on its shopping cart page the company managed to increase its AOV by 41%. The company added a call-to-action directly in their shopping cart page.

  • Takeaway: Remember that when there are successful cross-selling relevant items then it can add value to your bigger-ticket items as well as have a big impact on your entire revenues. It is important for you to present your cross-sell offer at the right time so that your customers can grab it.

How an online t-shirt business earned $1,248.90 in just three weeks

The staff of Shopify took a challenge once to build a t-shirt business in a month. Tucker tried to acquire the customers with the help of different social media channels and found that his sales increased from Instagram and Reddit. Sometimes just posting on free places can assist you to attain sales.

  • Takeaway: It is important for you to always go and check the new marketing channels for your product because you never know which channel can be profitable for you. discarded social buttons to boost up their sales by 12% was wedged in the drift of social proof with like and share icons on their product page. But with social sharing buttons, they also came across low conversions on-page. It was seen that a page without social share icons had an enhanced click-through rate by 12%.

  • Takeaway: Remember that just because everyone else is doing it is also going to be right for you. You should always put yourself in the mindset of customers and then act accordingly to get the best results.

How an eCommerce entrepreneur explored a new sales channel and took revenue from $8K to $96K per month

Everyone needs to eat healthily, work out and take a sound sleep but no one does it. Raw Generation is a company that prepares raw and unpasteurized juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. This company started to promote its product on social media that started giving it huge revenue.

  • Takeaway: Remember that you should stop the search of new marketing channels once you have come across a marketing channel which is working amazingly for you. Work on it only so that it works for you again and again.

With a simple comparison table, Paperstone took out their competition

Paperstone was searching a way to stand against their competitors and they presented a comparison table on their homepage displaying their price alongside the competitors. In this way, they increased their sales by 10.67%.

  • Takeaway: You need to recognize your strengths and measure your competition. Once this is done then show up against your competitor's weakness.

Therefore, these are some ways that can help you to develop your next eCommerce website successfully. You can also take the help of eCommerce website designing company for making your eCommerce website.

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