These Precautions Must Be Taken After Treatment Of Breast Cancer.

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Breast cancer is fast spreading its legs. The form of this disease in women has become terrible. In general, breast cancer is treated with surgery or chemotherapy or radiation. But its treatment is centered on those proteins that indicate the growth of cancer cells and their divide in an arbitrary manner. Care is taken before and after breast cancer treatment. Breast cancer is a disease that can bother after treatment. That's why the doctor says to take some precautions. What caution should be taken after breast cancer treatment?

wound infection: If there is red, swelling or pain in your place of operation, or discharges from your wound place. So you can get the infection. Contact your surgeon or breast care nurse. If you have been infected, then the surgeon advises you to take antibiotics.

Collection of liquids: After coming out of the drain after wound, sometimes the fluid starts gathering around the wound. It is called syroma. This syrup may cause inflammation and pain, and at the same time, it can increase the risk of infection. The liquid is usually removed by itself, but sometimes it has to be dry with the help of needle and syringe. In some women, it lasts for a long time and goes after a few months of surgery. If you think that the stroma is developing then you should contact your surgeon or breast care nurse immediately.

Nerve Pain: If lymph nodes are removed after breast cancer, then it is normal to have a slight tingling in your upper arm, and this happens because some nerves are cut during operation and need repair in it. And it can take a few weeks or months. If this is the case, then get in touch with your breast care nurse or surgeon.

Armor swelling of the arm: It is normal to have some swelling in your arm or arm after the operation, but you should start exercising to remove it and to bring back your shoulder movement. If you have swelling, pain, and tenderness of your hands or arm If still persists then tell your breast care, nurse or surgeon, as soon as possible. After surgery or radiotherapy, there is also a risk of permanent inflammation next to it, it is called lymphodema. Once you have lymphedema, it can not be cured but can be effectively controlled with early treatment.

Scar tissue next to:- The development of Skar Tissue next to some women comes in the form of a tight band. This can occur after 6 to 8 weeks of a breast cancer operation. This scar tissue is called bonding or banding, it starts to feel like a guitar string. Although conduction is harmless, it is uncomfortable. It would be better for you if you massage the area of ​​Skar Tissue after some time. You can learn how to do massage by your specialist nurse or physiotherapist.

Pain: After breast cancer surgery, it is natural for you to have pain, you have to be prepared for it. To control the pain, you can take painkillers from your doctor. The pain remains the whole day, but it is the hardest time for pain in the night.

Stagnant water: However, the plastic surgeon will allow you to shower in 24 hours after surgery and advise you not to use any water that is stopped for two weeks after surgery such as swimming bridges, hot tub, vortex, lakes, Water of oceans, etc.

After surgery, the surgeon will refuse you to wear a wired bra. The wired bra can affect the status of breast impulse. Your surgeon will either provide a wide, elastic strip (Ace wrap) bra around your breasts after a soft, supportive bra or breast impulse. Bra or elastic bandage / Ace bar can be removed during bathing.

  • Dr. Anand, of radiation oncologist at Max Healthcare, says that the actual causes of cancer in women and men are not known, but it is estimated that it is due to hormonal or genetic factors.

  • Breast cancer can occur at any age, but the likelihood of getting it after the age of 40 increases.

  • If there is cancer in your family already, then after the age of 40, make sure to check once in a year.

  • Even if you consume smoking or drug substances, you also increase the chances of cancer.

Breast cancer is a horrific disease occurring in women. Although it is an illusion that breast cancer is only in women. Today, the number of the disease is increasing in men. The only way to avoid cancer is awareness and the goal of the World Health Organization.

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