Misinterpretation About Back Ache

by Priya Sharma For Your Medical Assistance
At best, back pain can be an irritating experience that causes an inconvenience in leading a normal life, and at worst it could literally be the tip of an iceberg and merely the symptoms of something foreboding, something more serious. Sadly, there are a host of myths and misconceptions surrounding back pain in the popular discourses regarding and a lot of serious implications of back pain are often ignored, and because of these people suffering from back pain hardly Visit an orthopedist. What follows is a list of common misconceptions and their debunking, so that folks suffering from this affliction are able to get the necessary help and attention.

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The first misconception is that vigorous exercise can cause back pain. While it is certainly true that certain forms and types of exercise can be the cause for injuring your back if it is not done right, but the truth is that many experience back pain precisely because they don’t partake in exercise. The reason for this is quite simple: their core muscles and back muscles have not been built up to the extent that they are unable to support the individual’s weight. With regular exercise, not only would you strengthen your muscles but you would also reduce the pressure exerted on them by keeping a check on your weight.

The second misconception around back pain is that herniated discs require surgery. A little context before we proceed to debunk this myth: your vertebra (backbone to use the informal parlance) consists of discs that act as cushions or shock-absorbers, which help the vertebrae to absorb stress and shocks of movement. At times, these discs are liable to rupture or to herniate, causing a lot of pain and inconvenience. The good news is that in 90% of the instances where the discs have herniated, they have got better on their own. A little rest, physical therapy, and chiropractic care help in the recovery process.

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The third misconception is that X-rays and MRI scans are necessary for showing the true source of back pain. While it is true that X-rays and MRI’s have proven themselves to be indispensable tools, often being responsible for saving lives, especially when the cause for back pain was discovered to be cancer or another serious issue. Although X-rays and MRIs have proven themselves to be helpful, it may not always give true results, especially if the back pain is caused by weak muscle formation. These methods of detection should be resorted to only if when a change in lifestyle and an adoption of exercise has not solved back pain.

The last myth of back pain is that rest alone is the best solution to back pain. Actually, the exact opposite holds true: gentle exercise can be a substitute for fighting against back pain. This not only helps you to keep up your routine but it also enables your back muscles to be properly built up.

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