The What, Why and How of Wheel Alignment That You Need to Know

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Often the most overlooked aspect of a vehicle, wheel alignment is an essential procedure that every car owner must follow up on. Without proper alignment come great risks for which you might have to suffer eventually.

Wheel alignment is a procedure carried out to ensure your car's wheels are correctly allocated and fixed in an optimal position as per specification set by your vehicle's manufacturer.

If you’re curious enough to know more of this topic…Read on.

As you read further, you'd peek into what wheel alignment is why it matters so much and how often you should get an alignment done.

So, What is Wheel Alignment?

A vital aspect of vehicle maintenance, wheel alignment involves performing any necessary adjustments to wheels, steering and suspension components so that they’re positioned as per manufacturer’s specifications.

But, Why Does It Matter So Much?

If your vehicle's wheels aren't perfectly aligned, you will experience some serious problems. For instance –

  1. You’d feel harder to drive straight when the alignment’s off. No matter how hard you try, your car would drift to one side always.

  2. Misaligned wheels if goes unnoticed, damages your tyres. Your tyres wear off unevenly impairing their performance and increasing the stopping distance. This puts you at risk of collisions. Moreover, prematurely eroded tyres will necessitate you to buy new tyres as well.

  3. As misaligned wheels cause drag, the engine draws up more fuel resulting in a low mileage.

By now, you've got an idea of how vital wheel alignment is for your vehicle. However, conducting a wheel alignment is a tricky affair. Therefore, you must only refer to DVSA-certified garages like Tradeston Performance. Apart from performing Wheel Alignment Dundee, they also offer wheel balancing, tyre fitting and other services.

What Causes Wheel Alignment Issues?

Wheels tend to get misaligned out of several reasons –

  • Hitting a curb at high speed

  • Running over a pothole

  • Driving over a speed-bump

  • Sudden heavy impact or jarring

However, erosion of a car's suspension could also lead to an alignment problem. Furthermore, if you've adjusted the height of your vehicle without adjusting the suspension accordingly, you'll risk alignment issues.

How to Identify Your Car Needs an Alignment Fix?

There are several alarming signals to look out for like –

  • When you’re driving on a straight road, release the steering wheel to see if it pulls on either side.

  • If you notice vibrations on your steering wheel or if it refuses to return to its straight position even after you have made a turn.

  • Keep a close eye on your car’s tyres for signs of quick and abnormal tyre wear.

  • Sometimes, a squealing sound coming from the tyres as you drive also indicates misalignment.

However, even if you don’t experience such issues, it’s recommended by experts to have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked every 10000 to 12000 miles.

How Can You Get Your Car’s Wheels Fixed?

Realigning wheels require a professional technician's assistance. Therefore, you can rely on reputable local garages that provide Wheel Alignment in Dundee for getting your wheels aligned.

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