The Signs of Suicide You Shouldn't Ignore

by Dr. Vaibhav Dubey V-Care Psychiatry and De-addiction Clinic

Signs of suicidal depression can be difficult to recognize, especially if you’re not used to seeing signs of depression in someone else. Here are a few warning signs you shouldn’t ignore if you notice them in someone else—this list isn’t exhaustive, so be sure to talk to your loved one and find more information before making any judgments or accusations based on these generalizations.

Changes in Sleeping Patterns

Sleep problems may also occur if you have suicidal thoughts or spend too much time alone in bed ruminating about these worrisome thoughts. So, it is important to watch out for changes in your sleeping patterns. If you are experiencing a sleep problem and think that it might be related to your suicidal tendencies, seek professional help from a mental health doctor and psychiatrist doctor in Bhopal immediately, who will help you get better with antidepressants and other medication treatments.

Withdrawal from Friends and Family

If you or someone you know has withdrawn from friends and family and you can’t understand why, it might be because they’re in a depressive episode. Suicidal depression often brings with it feelings of loneliness and anger. It’s important to reach out—not just for them, but for yourself as well. Depression makes sufferers feel worthless and lonely.

Changes in Appetite

If you notice that someone you care about has suddenly begun to lose or gain weight, or if they’re having problems with their appetite, it could be a warning sign. Another warning sign is overeating or eating at inappropriate times: people in a suicidal state may try to stuff themselves as much as possible because they know that food won’t be an option later on. A sudden change in eating habits is one of those signs of suicide you shouldn’t ignore.

Loss of Interest in Things They Normally Enjoyed

If you have a loved one who has become withdrawn or seems to lack motivation in life overall, you should take note. It’s essential that you let them know they are not alone and there is help available if they need it. Many people suffering feel like no one could understand what they are going through so it’s important to let them know you’re there for them.

Increased Use of Drugs or Alcohol

Many times, people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings will use more drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. While these substances may help temporarily, they can also worsen depression and other mental health issues. If someone you know has started drinking more, it’s important to ask them if they’re having suicidal thoughts and encourage them to seek help from a mental health doctor in Bhopal immediately.

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