3 Reasons To See A Psychiatrist

by Dr. Vaibhav Dubey V-Care Psychiatry and De-addiction Clinic

1. A person may not notice how far things have gone.

Depression is usually linked with weakness, so people tolerate it and do not go to the doctor and the symptoms get worsen day after day. For getting diagnosed with depression, the signs of depression must be persistent enough. Everyone can spend the day in bed. We are often in a bad mood from time to time, we can spend the weekend without getting out of bed, but a walk, rest, or a good event changes our mood. For a couple of days, there may simply be no appetite, and when these symptoms last longer than two weeks, and changes in the external situation do not affect them, then this is depression. This is the time you need to see a doctor. You can consult psychiatrist in Bhopal for more help.

2. Not all depression can go away on its own

Depression, which is made by some external factors, it is called reactive depression. In this depression, the person coped with the condition or the external situation has changed, can go away on its own. The duration of reactive depression is highly dependent on the individual. Such a person is in a sub depressive state, his condition fluctuates, and sometimes it is worse, sometimes better. The other one is an endogenous depression that comes from within. Endogenous depression rarely goes away on its own. It can aggravate, recede, and aggravate again. The causes of endogenous depression are lack of neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine). There are many types of tests now, but they are used more for research purposes than for diagnosis. Separately, without a general clinical picture, such studies are not indicative.

3. Only a doctor can recognize some conditions

Depression can be covered, invisible to others. According to the psychiatrist in Bhopal, one of the most difficult kinds of depression is "ironic depression." In this type, the patient doesn’t say: “I’ll jump out the window now” or “I feel not good”, the patient has an ironic mask on the face. The person smiles, and to the question: "How are you?" They restrainedly reply that everything is fine with them. A person with an ironic depression is dangerous in terms of committing sudden suicides. In fact, it is impossible for a layman to recognize these conditions. The relatives of our patients blame themselves for not noticing the changes in the person.

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