The Rise of Emojis on Best Social Networking Sites

by Richa Jha Asistent Manager

Over the course of human history, thousands of languages have evolved everywhere. However, finally there seems to be one common language that might unite humans everywhere on Earth. This is the digital language followed today on best social networking sites. This is the language of Emojis and their rise. 

Emojis have enabled a new way of web marketing on some of the best Indian social networking sites.Social Media marketers are now using them to connect with their audience. They are also using them for brand building. 


According to a report by app boy the following results were noticed in a study conducted:


·         Instagram – About 50% of all comments and captions include emojis


·         One of the most popular social networking site in India, Facebook, results in 57% more likes and 33% more comments with emojis in use


·         Among other free social networking sites in India, Twitter results in 25.4% more engagement due to the usage of emoticons.


What are Emojis?

We are living in an age where emotions are communicated as digital messages, in the form of Emojis. In simple terms, an emoji is a small picture that can be placed within a text. They were created by a Japanese company in the 90s. Formed of two words; ‘e’ and ‘moji’, they refer to a pictograph.


Why are Emojis Suddenly So Popular? 


1.      They have a huge commercial and promotional ability especially on social media.


2.      Emojitracker lets you access real time data of most used Emojis on Twitter, 250 to 350 Emojis are tweeted per second around the world. This makes a total of more than 25 million a day on this social network alone!


3.      A study by University of Valencia identified these reasons as to why best social networking sites use emoticons:

  1. Visual Appearance, 13%
  2. Cuteness, 12%
  3. Imagination, 1%
  4. Expression, 27%
  5. Precision, 10%
  6. Happiness, 12%
  7. Ease, 6%
  8. Variety, 7%
  9. Time/ Word saving, 3%


4.      Decreasing attention span of digital users is another reason. If you are searching through royalty free stock photos or music online, the time you pay to each item is between 5 to 8 seconds. 

5.      Emojis are shortcuts. A user does not actually have to read a sentence and get the entire meaning.


To conclude, we can say that web marketers are tapping on the rise of emojis on best social networking sites. 

They open new avenues to reach and be recognized by the online users. They are now an integral part of the internet language. So, if your brand and content can use it, that would be great for business.

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