The Revolutionary Electric Chainsaws

by Jeff S. Keep moving

If you are facing problems with your traditional and old fashioned gas chainsaw, then this newbie, electric chainsaw, is the most appropriate choice for you. Though it has not become very popular as of now, however it stands to be a sure winner when its awesome features are compared to the gas chainsaw. Being light weight, it enables you to do all your kitchen yard work like trimming, cutting and pruning of small trees all by yourself. Its sound proof quality lets you do your work silently without disturbing the entire neighbourhood, which was a matter of big concern when using the traditional gas chainsaw. It also prevents the risk of inhaling gasoline, the key ingredient in a gas chainsaw. Being light weight it is user friendly and can be easily moved around the garden yard.

Oregon 570995 CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Thus, the best electric chainsaw has made things very convenient for house owners due to its features which stand out, making it the chainsaw of the new generation. However, if one is planning to a buy a new electric chainsaw he/she should keep the following points in mind.


One of the most striking features of an electric chainsaw is its cutting speed. One should not be misguided about is performance due to its small size and light weightiness. Its high speed can cut a beam of timber in a fraction of seconds.


Being very user friendly, these electric chainsaws are very easy to maintain as compared to the regular gas chainsaws, which required a lot of checking to done before its use to ensure safety of the user. This chainsaw also requires checks to be performed however they are not as tedious as compared to the gas ones. All electric chainsaws come with an additional chain replacement and a tool guide illustrating the user about the cleaning techniques.


The most important aspect of choice for any house owner is the cost factor. Many options of an electric chainsaw are available in the market and all of them are very competitively priced to meet the needs of the people.

Depending on the purpose for which one wants to use them, they come in two different varieties. One is the corded one and the other one is battery operated.

Corded electric chainsaw

As the name suggests, they come with a cord which is attached to the power supply to make it work. The plus point of having a cord is that you can use it continuously since the supply of power is uninterrupted. Thus, these are basically used for heavy duty tasks where continuous supply of power is necessary.

Cordless electric chainsaw

These are battery operated and are mainly used for small task in the garden yard. The con of using this type of chainsaw is that they need to be charged from time to time.

Just like a coin has a flip side the electric chainsaws also have a downside to its performance. They are prone to kickback which can cause fatal mishaps some leading to death. Thus, it is always advised to use it while wearing boots and chaps to stay protected.

However, its great performance cannot be undermined due to its downsides. Thus, it is definitely one of products a house should own, depending on the type of work they plan to complete with it.

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Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
When I first moved to Oregon the only work I could find was cutting firewood (with a gas chainsaw) and I ended each work day with a hot bath and early to bed. It was BRUTAL!

I discovered electric saws after I turned 60 found out how easy it was to remove a 30 ft. Douglas Fir from my yard.
Oct 7th 2018 17:37    Edited in Oct 7th 2018 17:40
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