The most effective method to Troubleshoot a Dead Pixel ?

by Jeet Singh Technical Software
  • Use your warranty

If you are within your display's warranty period and you have detected stuck or dead pixels, it's recommended that you have the manufacturer replace it.

Most monitor manufacturers have a return policy for dead and stuck pixels and they'll usually replace a monitor if it has more than several pixels stuck in a single color or brightness setting. Additionally, since dead pixels are difficult to fix, replacing your monitor via the manufacturer's warranty is your best route.

  • JScreenFix

If your display is out of warranty and you'd rather try your luck at fixing stuck or even dead pixels yourself, then you'll be pleased to know that there are software tools available that can help you out.

You can go the web browser application route with a site called JScreenFix. The free service claims to fix most stuck pixels within 10 minutes by using its HTML5 and JavaScript-based "PixelFixer" tool. 

And since it's HTML5 and JavaScript-based, there's nothing to install. All that's required is to open the web app's page, drag the PixelFixer window over the stuck pixel area then leave it on for at least 10 minutes. must visit office setup  to get information.

  • PixelHealer

If you're a Windows user, you can also use the free download PixelHealer to try and fix stuck or even dead pixels yourself.

After detecting your monitor's stuck or dead pixels, you can use PixelHealer's flashing color box on the affected areas to try and jolt the pixels back into shape. The site claims that the tool uses the already proven method of using flashing RGB colors to restore a stuck pixel or even revive a dead one.

Additionally, once downloaded to your Windows machine, PixelHealer can be used instantly without the need for installation.

  • Android

Aside from the web-based tool JScreenFix, Android users can install pixel-fixing apps to try and whip stuck or dead pixels back to life.

  • Last resort: Apply Pressure

If your monitor is out of warranty and none of the pixel fixing software methods are working for you, either you just learn to live with a few stuck or dead pixels here and there, or, if you're brave enough, here's a last-ditch method you can attempt.

First, take note of the location of the stuck or dead pixel. Then turn off your monitor and try applying gentle pressure on the affected area in an attempt to "massage" it back to life. Use something with a narrow but flat edge like a pencil eraser or a pen cap. To avoid damaging your screen, wrap it with a soft and damp microfiber cloth.

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