The Most Common Online Dating Myths

by Angela Hester Relationship Expert

Relationships have always been the most complex thing in the human lives. Whether we talk about the times when there are little or no technological advancements or in today’s epoch when we have so many ways to meet and communicate.

However, there is one thing that is common in both the times about dating is that it is quite a cumbersome task and one has to work hard for it. In addition to this, currently, due to the flurry of online dating sites, people still have myths about it. Perhaps, people still believe in certain common notions and opinions regarding online dating which gives an impression that following them will help them find prospective matches.

Nevertheless, getting a clear picture about the following issue, termed as online dating myths, will help one in debunking them:

-          Profile images are important: This is one of the most popular myths and most of us believe in uploading an image in which we look the best. It is necessary to have a professionally clicked picture of yours as a profile image. It gives a clear idea how one looks like. The most common tendency is to flip to the next person in case if he/she doesn’t look best.

In the real world, you may find one whose profile image may not be as appealing. But, the moment you met him/her, the flaws or the expected facial features will give way to more genuine and authentic looks.

Online dating sites like allow users to upload multiple images so that one can have a better idea about the prospective partner.

-          Clinging on the selection criteria: Do you have any specific criteria or deal-breakers? You may be looking for someone with height 6.0’’, athletic built, college grad with no encumbrances or one with fair and pretty looking, a beautiful girl belonging to an urban area no far than 50 miles. Having multiple and unique criteria reduce the chances of getting the potential matches. Additionally, making every parameter compulsory and a deal-breaker will only make you unlucky.

One has to make a list of things that he/she is looking for in his/her potential mate. Listing and prioritizing makes it easy for you to decide what parameter(s) one can do away with. Sites like let users fill all the necessary information at the time of registration so that one can have a fair idea about the likes, dislikes and interests of the users.


-          Don’t presume in the first meeting: Don’t decide on the basis of the first impressions in the first meeting. There are chances that the way you are hesitant and shy is the same way he/she feels. Mostly, people make their mind based on certain traits in the very first meeting like the way he/she dresses, demeanor, way of talking and treating others, etc. However, it’s highly recommended to give a second chance to your prospective date until he/she is totally reckless.

There are chances that you may be losing a few quintessential deal-breakers that you may not find in the first meeting.

-          Less interaction doesn’t mean lack of interest: There are instances when you find that your date is talking very less or not asking as much questions as you are. You may feel as if he/she is not interested or not much into you.

This is a very common phenomenon where one person is hesitant to share information or doesn’t ask much questions given an impression of being not interested. However, this may be due to many reasons, one being meeting for the first time.

Nevertheless, the more you give time and started sharing about yourself, the more comfortable he/she will become. This will help him/her to be more open and ask questions related to you.

Online dating site such as offers actual blind dating where the site offers blind dating hour in which users can chat with each other without revealing their identities. This will help users in getting along with one another to know more about their personal lives.

The above mentioned are a few myths related to online dating. You may have come across with one or a couple of them. Getting an idea about these will surely help you in debunking these. Moreover, what is generally perceived true may not be the case with you. As we all know, everyone is totally different and everyone has a different story. But the underline theme is the same and everyone feels the same about these common notions.

Hope, the above-said issues will help you in clearing all the doubts thereby finding your prospective partners.

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