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The strongly scented cloves are in reality the flower buds of a tree belonging to the family Myrtaceae. They are the natives of the Maluku Islands of the island nation of Indonesia. It is a very common spice used in cooking as well in medical science. They are readily available all throughout the year due to the different harvesting season in different countries.

The Story of the Clove Plant
As we already know the clove plant is a native of the island country of Indonesia and its archipelago, yet the plant has travelled to various parts of the world cradled in the hands of sailors and merchants trading and doing business. The seedlings of these plants were first stolen by a Frenchman Pierre Poivre and taken to Mauritius and then later to Zanzibar which once was the largest producer of the plant.

Till the time the clove plant was taken outside Indonesia, it was traded in the form of oil but in restricted quantities. Later the Dutch East India Company took control of this trade and monopolized the world market because it was highly priced. In view of this fact many wars were engaged in by countries to take control of the island where the clove plant originated. But today it is freely available everywhere.

Uses of the Clove Plant
For thousands of years clove has been used in India and China not only as a spice but also for its medicinal values. Ayurveda uses clove to treat tooth decay and bad breath while the Chinese consider it to be good stimulant. The Clove Pods when ground can be used to treat minor cuts and wounds. Warmed clove tea is a popular beverage which relieves congestion.

Just as clove oil relieves toothache it also relives headache, flatulence and amazingly it reduces stretch marks. Clove Pods interestingly is used as an insect repellant when added to water.

Nutrition Facts
The tiny clove is a nutrient loaded plant. It has loads of carbohydrates, protein, energy, dietary fibres and minerals like potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. It includes vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E and K. It also includes the B group vitamin.

Health Benefits
Jam packed with nutrients and bioactive compounds, it has a vast array of health benefits lined up for us. Cloves boost gastrointestinal health by aiding in digestion. Fried cloves also help to prevent vomiting. Antibacterial properties are so high in cloves that they are potent enough to kill pathogens. Its antioxidant property helps to protect the liver.

Cloves are used to treat diabetes by controlling the sugar level in the body. Extracts from this plant help in preserving bone density and mineral content of the bone. It also helps to increase the tensile strength of the bones. Cloves protect the immune system by increasing white blood cells count. It also has anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties. It also takes care of oral health by reducing gingivitis and periodontitis.

Where to Acquire the Clove Pods?
Clove pods nowadays are easily available in the markets with an increasing number of Clove Pods Exporters getting into action to supply the Indian markets and its customers.

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