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Energy is the pre- requisite of success in the 21st energy. It is a simple logic, a fatigued, weak person cannot focus on his work, ultimately the work efficiency decreases. Do you want that to happen to you?

No, right. So, better keep up your energy levels, and supplementation is the one-stop solution here. This blog shall familiarise you with the best energy supplements.


Start this year with a good rush of energy with the best energy supplements as recommended by experts:

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B is the longest vitamin family amongst which vitamin B12 is the super energy booster. Vitamin B12 is required for producing red blood cells, which further transports oxygen in the blood all over the body.

Proper supply of oxygen in the body cells ultimately leads to energy production. Add to that, vitamin B12 also plays an important role in neurological function.

If you are prone to fatigue, and weakness quite often then make vitamin B12 a mandatory part of your daily diet.

Vegetarians, should especially do so, since they are likely to be low on vitamin B12, as it is found in fish, meat, eggs, and dairy foods.

Also the older adults, and people with digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease, are at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency. Hence, for such people vitamin B12 supplementation is important.

Magnesium: The next best energy supplement is magnesium. This mineral possess the power of combating insomnia. It promotes better sleep and aids more than three different biochemical reactions, such as muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, as well as energy production.

By letting you sleep properly and managing body reactions, magnesium automatically becomes a terrific source of energy.

Iron: Just like the metal iron, the mineral iron is also a symbol of strength. Iron is the chief haemogoblin stimulant. It helps oxygen to circulate throughout the body.

Iron governs a lot of body cell’s function, from increasing cells production to managing their function and helping them to develop properly. The primary reason of why some people become anaemic, is because of low iron levels.

Iron deficiency can impair cognitive abilities, decrease immunity, and also lay a negative impact on work performance.

In such a case, taking iron supplements is necessary as it will help you to maintain proper levels of iron, especially in vegan people since they don’t eat meat, which contains the highest iron constituency.

In addition to that, iron is crucial for women who experience heavy menstrual cycles, for pregnant women since of iron is importance for fetal development, and all those indulged in an active lifestyle.

Vitamin D: Without vitamin D, the list of best energy supplements is incomplete. Vitamin D is often referred to as the ‘sunlight’ vitamin, since it gets stimulated via sunrays.

However, spending time under the sun is not possible in today’s fast paced life, hence supplement is necessary.

Vitamin D spikes your energy to another level. People who have vitamin D deficiency face muscle fatigue, and nearly fifty percent of the world’s population today is vitamin D deficit.

These fifty percent mainly includes older adults, people with darker skin, people who get less sun exposure, such as those in colder climates, and obese people.

In fact a recent research has found out that people with low vitamin D levels face muscle issues.

When given vitamin D supplementation they showed an improvement in muscle efficiency. Lastly, vitamin D, one of the best energy supplements also combats depression. That makes it a favourite of everyone!

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