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The concentrate in granule form that can be used to modify thermoplastics is called Additive Masterbatch. The concentration consists of one or more additives and a polymer-specific carrier resin. It is considered as a crucial component when manufacturing plastic products and is preferred by majority of the manufacturing industries. Our daily activities are influenced by plastic and imagining our life without these products are impossible. Let’s read further to know more about additive masterbatch.


•    As additive masterbatch makes the plastic products more safe and stable, it results in better plastic performance.
•    Also helpful in making the plastics stay longer under external impacts.
•    The manufacturing of plastic products using additive masterbatch do not cause any harm to the environment. It is an eco friendly process.
•    Not only safe, it also results in cleaner results as compared to using other kinds of additives.
•    It is an indispensable component in the process of manufacturing or creating plastic products.
•    Also helps in increasing the diversity of shapes and colors of the products with ease. As imparting properties and adding colors to plastic products is much easier when we use additive masterbatch.

According to various surveys and statistics, it has been proven that 90% of today’s plastics are created using additive masterbatch. This masterbatch has anti-UV or anti-static properties. With the help of additive masterbatch, they can bring out more features for the plastic products. Different types of additive masterbatch are used to provide various properties like toughness, color stability, insulation, glossy shine, etc.
•    Well finished final product: Using an additive masterbatch will improve the product consistency which makes the end result well defined. It is easier to achieve a better final product when additives are used while manufacturing the plastic products. For more uniformed result, always use additive masterbatch for your final product.

•    Process stability: When we use additive masterbatch, there are few chances of getting rejected parts like inconsistent color or low quality precuts.

•    Safe to use: Some additives are hazardous in nature. The additive is encapsulated by masterbatch in a polymer or resin. Due to this encapsulation, the hazardous nature of additive is eliminated or reduced. It also helps in reducing the potential hazards that can be faced by the workers while handling the additives.

•    Cleaner Production: Not only the masterbatch is safe to use but also cleaner. There is no spill after the end of the production process which results in a production area, reduced cross contamination and potentially quicker transitions between different products.

•    Increased Shelf Life: The encapsulation of the additive in the masterbatch provides a lot of benefits to the additive. The masterbatch protects the additive from external factors like humditiy, temperature and harmful UV rays. When the additive is protected which results in extension of shelf life of the additive.

•    Reduce the cost of materials: When the additives’ shelf life is increased, the cost of materials is also reduced.

AUTHOR’S BIO: The article has been written by Komal Doley. She is working as a Social Media Executive and writes for Olive Global which is a Digital Agency based in Delhi. She loves to share her knowledge and experience regarding masterbatches through blogs and articles.

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