The Importance and Usage of Custom Packaging Boxes in Competitive Retail Marketing

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A traveler recounting his visit to China during the 1970s writes that the way these people do the packaging of their gifts is so attractive that one would never want to open the gift and just keep it like that for his whole life. This single statement proves to be enough to remind us once again, of the importance of attractive packaging of a product for a variety of positive reasons and the value that it brings to businesses like retail marketing. Businesses, in today’s competitive environment, continue to find new and different ways and methods to attract customers to their products. And product packaging comes right at the top priority when it comes to product marketing. In this article, we’ll share with you, the importance of custom packaging boxes in the competitive retail marketing environment. We’ll also share methods to be followed and the results of these attractive packaging boxes in attracting customers toward a specific product.

Importance of custom packaging boxes

First of all, it is important to know about the definition of custom packaging to help understand its function and specific role in the competitive retail marketing environment. In custom packaging, the packaging of a product is tailored to meet the company’s requirements. Hence, the style, shape, size, color, material, varnish, and any other specifications of the packaging can be modified. The opposite of this is stock packaging in which, the box style, color, and size are standard and hence, not conveying the unique identity or messaging of a specific brand. Stock packaging is good for local especially small businesses where it is more important to make sure that the product reaches its customers in time and the identity of the company does not play a decisive role. While custom packaging plays a decisive role for big business that is operating in the competitive business environment for various reasons. These include creating the perceived brand value and its unique identity, promoting brand messaging, and consequently increasing overall brand recognition.

Creating a unique identity

Every brand in competitive retail marketing knows the importance of creating a unique identity for its product to stand out among other products. While it is not always required to create a completely different product outlook as it varies from product to product, sometimes complete but mostly, subtle modifications in shape, size, color, style, size, etc. would create a unique identity for a product in the competitive retail marketing in the long run. A study carried out by Dotcom Distribution reports that 40% of customers would share images of a particular brand because they liked its unique packaging.

1.       Perceived value

Perceived value means to give the impression of a high-quality product which custom packaging boxes can enhance by following certain steps. These steps include using high-quality packaging material while modifying the style, shape, size, etc. of the packaging boxes. Following these steps will help create a unique, attractive, and fine-tuned brand quality hence increasing the perceived value of the product of a specific brand.

2.       Competitive pricing

By enhancing the perceived value of the product, brands can increase the product price to compete in retail marketing. The perceived value of the product of a specific brand will help justify the competitive price of the product.

3.       Promoting brand messaging

Another way brands develop a unique connection with their consumers is, by promoting the values and vision of the brand. Custom Retail boxes help promote this brand messaging using different and subtle symbols and taglines to draw the attention of the consumers towards the brand’s vision and commitment to certain causes.

Steps to follow for creating successful custom packaging boxes

It is established that following proper methods for customized packaging boxes ensures a brand’s success. But, how does it do that, and what impact attractive packaging boxes have on consumer behavior is another interesting dimension to this topic. To sum up, attractive customized packaging positively impacts consumer behavior, consequently impacting purchasing behavior of a branded product. And there are methods through which this impact can be created during the customization process of packaging boxes.

1.       Logo and iconography

One of the important aspects of the customized package box design is the quality of graphics like the logo placement. The logo represents the brand and therefore, it is necessary to place the logo in the right spot where it can be easily visible. The color scheme as well as the quality of the graphics used in the logo alongside other icons for navigation enhances the visual appeal of the product.

Brands can create an emotional connection with people by integrating relevance to the product in various creative ways. For example, a cereal box with bright colors and cartoon characters that match the favorite cartoon characters of children will develop an emotional connection of children with the product. A milk packaging for children with a colorful image of a mother with her small child will create an emotional connection between parents and the brand. A product packaging displaying certain symbols representing the brand’s commitment to environmental protection will help create a connection between environmental activists and the brand.

2.       Shape and size

The shape and size of the
custom packaging boxes depend on factors like the shape and size of the product itself as well as, the target audience. In any case, it must be important to make sure that the packaging boxes must be of a shape that goes along with the shape of the product. But, it also looks attractive to the consumer as well. The same rule applies to the size but an additional factor to be followed is, the size must be such that it also makes the handling of the product easy.

3.       Use of colors

Color schemes used in the product packaging create certain emotional patterns through certain psychological triggers. These emotional patterns predict the purchasing behavior of the product by impacting consumer behavior. Around 85% of Americans claim that they make their decision of buying a certain product based on its color. For example, the color red stimulates certain feelings like excitement or readiness in people. It would generate a feeling of excitement in the buyer to buy the product and test it to find out whether it excites him or not. The color green would indicate an eco-friendly or organic product. Similarly, black color is used to give a product and its brand an elegant and luxurious look. 

Another example can be chocolate boxes in which most chocolate boxes use different shades of brown color schemes. So, it would be recommended for new chocolate packaging boxes to have different shades of brown color with a touch of other colors that contrast with the brown color schemes. Otherwise, using a completely different color like purple would negatively impact consumer behavior unless the color purple is used with different shades of brown color schemes creatively. For example, the purple color will highlight the uniqueness of the new chocolate brand but the different shades of brown color will highlight the fact that this is a chocolate product.

4.       Layout and typography

After grasping the attention of people through eye-pleasing design, styling, and color, they will attend to the features of the product. Here, it becomes important to highlight certain messaging of the brand like the problem it resolves, and critical information like product usage, and caution messages. This also includes highlighting the company’s vision and certain advocacies like product transparency, its proper sourcing, and ecological sustainability. For example, packaging boxes made of environment-friendly material on which a small symbol highlighting eco-friendly on the backside of the box, and a tagline saying ‘Eco-friendly’ will create a positive impact on the buyer.

5.       Material

The material used in product packaging plays a decisive role in developing the perceived value of the product. Certain materials are known to be safer and more reliable in product packaging boxes. And because those certain materials are used by major brands, it will create a positive impact on people. Hence, using such material will enhance the perceived value of the product, consequently increasing the price of the product on justified grounds. 

How customized packaging boxes impact purchasing behavior of the product?

Following rules for successful customized packaging boxes positively impacts the purchasing behavior of the product due to certain factors. These factors involve:

·         Creating psychological triggers through the use of colors in product packaging grabbing the attention of the potential buyers

·         Retaining customer attention through successful brand messaging through layout and iconography promoting brand awareness.

·         Keeping customers satisfied by including taglines and symbols relevant to the customer’s satisfaction criteria and ideology.

·         Grabbing attention through overall package designing including the high-quality material and the size and shape ensuring easy customer handling of the package.

·         There are countless videos on YouTube about the product unboxing experience. And all the above-mentioned steps to be followed in product packaging ensure an overall positive customer experience.

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