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When two intellectual signs of the zodiac come together, into a relation of thoughts and togetherness, there is flourishing knowledge and exchange of key communication, crucial for the development of both the signs. The freedom Gemini craves for will be encouraged and supported by the Aries, because of their undying spirit.

Amid these similarities, the variable and conflicting nature of Gemini will become a hindrance to the assertive Aries and the assertive nature might become a burden to the Gemini.

These differences are like the stones in a river that move together with the flow causing not many disturbances. The two signs introduce each other to a world they would never discover on their own and in this relation, there will fun and enjoyment while intellect too stays ahead of the rest.

The Aries nature will make them decide swiftly, without considering many facts which at most times will be a wrong decision to make, affecting the cause itself. The Gemini considers various perspectives and factors, working on their freedom of thought to extend circles and regions to think of the effects possible.

This consideration will help Gemini take better decisions. But, the Gemini nature also creates a situation where they cannot decide fast from the options they get. In such a case, the working together of Aries and Gemini will help Aries explore options and Gemini in choosing swiftly.

Moving through similarities and differences

Being ruled by the same planet, Mercury, who is the lord of communication, the discussions between Aries and Gemini are never-ending. The decisions they make are highly dependent on their communication levels, making this duo a reliable one.

Though their communication aspects are important, heated debates might not always be a good thing to happen. For Aries, debates and arguments are to be won no matter what while the Gemini considers them as nothing more than a discussion and sharing of thoughts.

These debates have a greater impact on Aries compared to the Gemini where Aries would take losing seriously. These differences could also lead to separating fights that must be taken care of. The fire-driven Aries supported by the air driven Gemini is a combination that is better named explosive.

One supports the other’s cause to lead along a path of success. The initiatives will be of the Aries while the execution and continuity will be of the Gemini. Gemini will be accepting of the lead taken by the Aries in making plans.

They find togetherness and happiness in the way they tread along new paths and work on newer things, exploring habits both of them did not know they could do. Both the signs are known for the extensive interests they possess which generally are never the same, but, the effort they put into accepting each other’s needs is worth keeping the relationship alive.

Together, they could take their relationship to greater lengths where they would appreciate and accept each other’s craziness.

The Undying Support

The effort put by the Gemini in controlling Aries from making unwanted decisions in a jiffy and the effort put by Aries in cracking the confusions and fears of the Gemini will keep their bond alive for a long time. Aries has the ability and nature to take the lead in all situations, making them reliable for the Gemini.

This leadership will benefit their friendship when Gemini fears to accept changes and take lead. Aries too has the habit of achieving things at the earliest possible time which is generally a drawback, causing defamation to the Aries. This can be curbed only by the involvement of the Gemini who prefers slower thoughts.

These complementing habits make the Aries-Gemini relationship one of the best ones in the zodiac charts. Though different and inconsistent, the extent to which they support each other is admirable, giving actual friendship goals to all the friends out there.

Having friends that think on similar lines is indeed a blessing, but, having friends that do not shy away from pointing out mistakes and in the end, help in correcting them are invaluable. Finding togetherness in differences and happiness in bonding is a blessing and the Aries-Gemini friendship is one such blessing.

They are an eye feast to everyone around them, while they argue about different things yet landing on similar conclusions. They have a great love for each other which shall be amplified by the amount of support they find in each other and all the failed trips they planned together.

Until the moment they complement each other in every aspect, their friendship shall stay the best. 

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