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The man born between 21st of March to April 20 is said to have been born in Aries Lagan. Sign Aries is ruled by planet Mars (mangal). Thus Aries (in Hindi mehsh) is the mooltrikon sign of planet mars. When Mars is strong in the birth chart, the Ariens become healthy, strong and aggressive. They thirst for action, passion, ambition, goal directed energy, power to carry through and heroism. They remain competitive and in Fighting Spirit with Vigour and courage.

The sun the significator of vitality is exalted in this sign(rashi). A strong sun or the moon or mars bless the native with Executive post. Jupiter acts as a sun like planet for those born in Aries ascendant. The man born in Aries Lagan has medium body structure. His body has kapha(mucus) in nature. If Mars is weak and under malefic influence, the ariens become Rash, irritable, offensive, impatient, argumentative, impulsive, self-centered and lacks in courage. He does not enjoy the help and Comforts from his younger brother's. They suffer from inflammatory disorders, stammering, constipation, overheating, fevers, mental aberration and tumors. Best Indian Astrologer in Toronto.

When week Mars conjuct with Rahu, the arien is likely to suffer from cancer in muscular part of the body, dysentry, typhoid, Cholera etc. Such person may also suffer from wounds, headache, mental tension, diseases of impure blood, billious diseases etc.

Saturn is mostly debilitated in this sign. It makes the Arien lethargy. However under the influence of Saturn, the Arien becomes mostly interested in construction of buildings and earn a lot of wealth. The sun ruling Intelligence and moon ruling education with strong mars helps the ariens become commanders, executive, manufacturers, military and allied military forces, police surgeons etc.
However, the influence of other planets on the tenth first or second houses change the professional Pursuits.

During childhood, the arien is likely to be wounded either by falling from a height or by sharp weapons or being shot or by stoning or by fall of old walls upon him.

The ariens are likely to have only limited number of children. At the age of 4, 5, 7, 10, 22 and 25 the ariens are likely to be affected by fire, fever, itches, food poisoning and the like.

The death of arien may occur on Purnima(full moon period) joined with star 'Rohini' during night due to headache.

If Lord Mars, Saturn and eighth Lord are well disposed and strong, the Ariens May live up to 100 years Best Indian Astrologer in Canada.

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