The History of Tyres

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Tyres are considered one of the essential parts of a vehicle. A perfect tyre improves the performance of the car and makes sure it lasts for a long period. Finding the perfect fit for a car can be a hard job as there are various things to consider before buying a good pair of wheels. Tyres should be the one that would ensure good braking, traction, and solid grip in all weather without getting deteriorate easily. It should also maintain a decent space between road and tyres and should also give a smooth riding experience. Tyres should be chosen according to the temperature and environment because different tyres have different features.

No doubt the importance of a tyre cannot surpass any other part of a vehicle but has anybody figured out how does this precious thing came into action? Tyre fit Auto has sprinkled some facts on the history of the invention of the wheels—

Researchers have found that the invention of the tyre goes back to 3500 BC in Mesopotamia. Back then, human beings used large logs to move goods around. To make sure this happened smoothly, the rollers were required. These rollers needed to be well fitted so that it doesn’t slip out due to heavy load. Therefore, a platform or a sledge built with crossbars to prevent such situations.

It took 1500 years to come up with another idea to transport the goods faster. The Egyptians were the first to invent the spoked wheel, they narrowed it by giving it a shape and picture. However, it was Greek who introduced the crossbar, H type wheel. The first iron wheel was on the Celtic chariots. In 1802, GF Bauer registered a patent otherwise the spokes wheel had remained the same. The sporks are the length of a treaded wire through the rim of the wheel that secured at both ends to the hub. The wire-spoke was later involved in tension. In 1845, RW Thompson patented the pneumatic tyre that was based on the idea of the same wire tension. His idea was improved by John Dunlop who with his newer version, again patented it in 1888. The idea of Dunlop replaced hard rubber in bicycles. 

It was Karl Benz, the owner of Benz motorwagen used three wheels vehicle with the hard rubber. But the first people who thought of using the hard rubber were Andre and Eduard Michelin who also introduced the famous tyre company.

It is said that Mr. Dunlop’s pneumatic tyres made a big difference in the market. It made up of white rubber which is carbonless, and performed around 30-40 miles before it needed a repair. The wheel evolution was further moved to the invention of the disc. 

People are generally confused between rim and wheels. The rim actually means the outer portion of the wheel where the tyre is mounted. There are two types of wheels to use – steel and alloy which have majorly benefited the advancement of technology. Therefore, as a result, wheels that were invented before now have become light. The cars which have alloy wheels have good handling, better steering handling, and prolong the life of brakes. Alloy wheels are much more appealing than the standard tyre, and therefore, are considerably more expensive. These wheels also need extra care and repairment more than often in order to get a good performance. Tyres Leamington Spa is an important part of maintaining the quality of an alloy wheel, and therefore an alloy wheel must be refurbished as soon as the problem begins.

The traditional design of a wheel is a stairway to more and more development and that’s what companies today are striving for. Michelin can be an example of such a company. It is the most active in the field of research by giving many innovative concepts for a smooth driving experience. They have designed ‘tweel’ which is an airless tyre design created by using the non-pneumatic solution. Its rolling surface has rubber head and flexible spokes are fused with an ego ramble whee which absorbs shocks. As they are airless tyres, they deliver pneumatic like load carrying huge capacity along with giving comfortable driving experience. Michelin has also designed the active heel system which incorporates all of the car’s components into a wheel but is only suitable for electric cars. The active wheel system gives enough space for the engine, gearbox, transmission shaft, and the suspension.

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