Do you check your vehicle before planning for a trip?

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When car owners plan a trip, they spend their time in preparation for a lot of things. Still, a majority of them avoid checking the vehicle in which they are going to travel. Actually, it is a dangerous mistake because your car is a machine, and its component may stop to function properly at any time.


Therefore, whenever you leave your home with your vehicle, check the components of your car like Goodyear Tyres Leamington Spa or risk incurring significant issues like tyre punctures, blowouts, loss of control, etc.


Even if you maintain your car appropriately, you should check it once before embarking on your journey.


Make it your habit!


If you want to know about common parts that you need to check, we have listed some prime factors that should function properly before you leave your home.


Let us check!


Tyre pressure:


Before you start your car, make sure your tyres are properly inflated. It is vital to maintain a certain level of air pressure in your tyres. Over time, your tyres may lose air pressure and become under-inflated. Similarly, certain factors like heat may increase the air pressure as well.


Therefore, you must check the air pressure in your tyres before starting your trip.


Spare tyre:


Check the air pressure in your spare tyre as well. A properly inflated spare tyre is necessary, especially in cases of an unexpected puncture. However, you do not need a spare tyre if you are using run-flat tyres.


Tyre tread:


Never use your car with bald tyres. Make sure your tyre tread has a minimum depth that is usually 1.6mm in the UK. Never forget that using bald tyres is illegal as well as unethical.




Certain tools are essential while you experience a puncture or any kind of damage. Therefore, it is always a safe move to keep your toolbox in the car.




Before you leave your home, you must check all headlights, brake lights, and indicators.




Check your battery for corrosion and proper fluid to avoid sudden battery failure.




You have to check fluid levels because driving with low fluid, or coolant level can be risky.


Brake pads:


Another considerable part of your car is brake pads. Check the brake pads for wear and tear, and if you find them damaged or corroded, replace them immediately.




Check if the wipers are functioning properly, and can clean the water from the windscreen or not.




Have a test drive to feel the behaviour of your steering wheel. If you can hold it smoothly, and it does not pull itself in one direction, you may set out to enjoy your journey.


Brakes and clutch:


In case you are driving to test your vehicle, you should examine your brakes and clutch as well. In case of any strange sign, you have to drop your idea because driving with faulty brakes and clutch is highly dangerous.


So, next time when you go on a trip and do not have time for in-depth car service, at least check some vital components like Tyres Leamington Spabrakes, steering wheel, clutch etc. 

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