The Function of A Shangchai Diesel Generator

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What is the function of a generator?Professional diesel generators manufacturer Dingbo tells you.

Generator is the main power source of the car, driven by the car engine. When the engine is working properly, the generator supplies power to all electrical equipment except the starter and charges the battery to supplement the energy consumed by the battery during use. An alternator uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce alternating current.

How does a generator make electricity?

When the external circuit passes the brush to energize the excitation winding, a magnetic field is generated, and the claw pole is magnetized into N pole and S pole. As the rotor rotates, the magnetic flux in the stator windings changes alternately. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, alternating induced electromotive force is generated in the three-phase winding of the stator, which is the principle of the alternator.

The alternator is divided into stator winding and rotor winding. The three-phase stator windings are distributed on the housing with a 120° phase difference, and the rotor windings are composed of two polar claws. When the rotor winding is energized, the two poles form N poles and S poles. The magnetic field lines start at the N-pole, pass through the air gap into the stator core, and then return to the adjacent S-pole. Once the rotor rotates, the rotor windings cut off the magnetic field lines, generating a sinusoidal electromotive force with a difference of 120° in the stator windings, that is, three-phase alternating current, which is converted to DC output by a rectifier made of diodes.

When the power switch is switched on (the engine is not started), the current is provided by the battery, the circuit is: battery positive → charging indicator → regulator contact → excitation winding → grounding → battery negative. At this point, the charging indicator light will light up because of the current passing through.

After the engine starts, the generator terminal voltage increases with the increase of the generator speed. When the output voltage of the generator is equal to the battery voltage, the "B" and "D" terminals of the generator are equal potentials. At this point, the charging indicator goes off because the potential difference between the two terminals is zero. Indicates that the generator has been working normally and the excitation current is provided by the generator itself. The three-phase AC electromotive force generated by the three-phase windings in the generator is rectified by the diode and output direct current to supply power to the load and charge the battery.

The function of A Shangchai Diesel Generator

What is the function of the generator regulator?

Generator controller is used in the engine speed changes, by adjusting the excitation current of generator exciting winding to keep the generator voltage stability, to prevent burn caused by high generator voltage electrical equipment and battery overcharge, prevent electrical equipment caused by the low power generation mechanical and electrical work is not normal and the battery. The regulator can be divided into contact type and electronic type according to the nature of components, and electronic type is mainly used now. Electronic regulators are divided into transistor regulators and integrated circuit regulators.

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