Technical Problems of Regular Maintenance of Generator Sets

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Periodic maintenance overview

At present, most companies do not pay enough attention to the regular maintenance of wind turbines and ignore the importance of regular maintenance. Through analyzing the management method of regular maintenance, this paper studies how to improve the quality of regular maintenance and the stability of fan equipment through regular maintenance. According to the requirements and regulations of the plant, the wind turbine should be regularly maintained and overhauled to ensure that the generator can work continuously and stably. Components that need to be inspected and maintained mainly include electrical and mechanical components and control system units of wind turbines. Through regular maintenance, you can find out whether there are problems in each component in time, solve and deal with the problems in time, reduce the failure rate of the generator set, and improve the safety of the equipment. There are standards for the regular maintenance of any device. Maintenance personnel must check and rectify faults according to the standards. The wind turbine manufacturer will write a set of maintenance standards according to the specific model and provide them to the buyer for regular maintenance and management.

At present, there are problems in the regular maintenance and management of wind turbines by wind power companies

At present, most senior managers of wind power companies focus on making annual plans for regular maintenance, which requires employees to strictly follow the monthly plans. However, wind power field management personnel can not control the implementation of regular maintenance work well, the control degree is almost zero, resulting in the formation of "quantity rather than quality" regular maintenance work style of wind power enterprises. The management personnel of the power generation company should track and supervise the regular maintenance work in real time, popularize the importance and significance of the regular maintenance work to the maintenance technicians, and should not focus on troubleshooting and eliminating defects. The company shall also formulate relevant performance appraisal plans for the regular maintenance of wind turbines, set up a supervision group, make clear rewards and punishments, mobilize the responsibility and enthusiasm of management personnel and technical personnel, and improve the quality of the regular maintenance of wind turbines.

As for the regular maintenance of wind turbines, the importance attached by company managers determines the working attitude of maintenance technicians, thus affecting the quality of regular maintenance of wind turbines. At present, most managers imagine regular maintenance work as manual work, which is an incorrect idea. This idea will lead to the reduction of the professional ability of the regular maintenance team, the technical level and responsibility of maintenance technicians, and bring hidden dangers to the follow-up work of wind turbines. Taking oil injection as an example, if it is not strictly carried out in accordance with the standard, it is likely to lead to the damage of wind turbine bearings, which will bring profit loss to the power generation company.

Technical problems existing in regular maintenance of generator set

 Regular maintenance standards have no purpose. Under normal circumstances, when the power generation company purchases the wind turbine, the manufacturer will deliver the operation manual of supporting equipment together with the equipment to the buyer, and teach the equipment operation method and regular maintenance method to the relevant technical personnel of the buyer. At present, most companies perform equipment maintenance according to the manufacturer's regular maintenance standards. However, because the regular maintenance standards of each model are only for the whole equipment, the technical feedback problems in the use process are not timely updated and perfected, and even the generator sets of different versions are not updated, leading to some unreasonable regular maintenance standards. Because our country is a large country, and large difference of north and south, the south large difference of the natural environment, and the north and the south wind turbine manufacturer, R&D department is unlikely to every region of the geographical environment, technical personnel cannot according to the different areas for different inspection standard, lead to wind turbines in the regular maintenance of "water". As a result, many power companies can choose according to their regional environment to develop or improve the regular maintenance standards, but this method can not fundamentally solve the problem, and even some companies can't achieve the result of reducing wind turbine failure, which increases the hidden danger of wind turbines use a waste of manpower, material and financial resources, not solve the problem.

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