The five keys to choosing a personal trainer

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If we look around in any training room, in a moment we will realize that more and more people are turning to the services of a personal trainer. Today it is usually a very common practice that is available to everyone. But not all coaches are the best suited for us. For this reason, in this post we want to dwell on five aspects to take into account when choosing a personal trainer.

When choosing a personal trainer in the first place, we need to be very clear about what we want to achieve. As a general rule, a personal trainer is usually more specialized in a certain discipline than in another. For this it is important that we hold a previous meeting with him in which he explains what his specialties are. In addition, this will help us to make a first contact with the coach and know if we can connect or not. But this is not enough, we still have to take many other things into account.

The perfect coach must take care of the perfect execution of the routines

First of all we are going to look at their routines. A proper personal trainer must try by all means that we perform the exercises perfectly. To know if this is so or not, it is important that we look at their explanations. He always has to explain the technique and the movement in detail. The weight that we are going to use and the results that we are going to achieve should go into the background. Above all, learning must prevail and get a correct base to progress little by little.

You have to know how to listen to us

The second point to take into account to choose a good coach is to know if he listens to us. It is true that there will be exercises that are easier for us to perform and others that cost us and we do not like to do. But many times we have to carry them out. Another different thing is that the exercise is so complicated that our abilities prevent us from doing it well. In this case, a good coach must know how to cut before we hurt ourselves and, above all, know the exercises that best suit our physiognomy and experience.

A good coach must innovate and be aware of trends

The innovation routines and changes in them must be other points to consider. A good coach must ensure that we do not fall into monotony. In fact most of us turn to their services when we are stuck. A good personal trainer is capable of having alternatives, keeping up with new trends, and applying them to their daily routines. The effect on our workouts will be immediate without even realizing it.

The coach must take care that we learn to fend for ourselves

As a fourth point to take into account when determining whether our coach is good or not, we must pay close attention to whether or not the coach cares about us learning. A good coach should never be subservient. It is good that it helps us to complete the routines and especially at the beginning to learn. But it is good and necessary that they teach us the techniques, the loads, the reasons why we must follow an order in the execution of the exercises ... The objective is always to progress, and a good coach must let us at some point take care of ourselves themselves.

You should never force us to do something that puts us in danger

A good coach is never going to force us to do something that puts our physical integrity at risk . Therefore, it is necessary that we take this into account. If our coach demands high goals that we cannot achieve. It does not listen to our requirements or does not take into account our tastes. The best thing is to decide to try another one for a season. Many times variation is necessary to get the choice right and thus get the perfect coach.

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