The Checklist that Will Help to Keep Your Car Tyres in Perfect Condition

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Most people, as car owners, seldom think about taking care of the components of their cars until they start malfunctioning. After all, what is the point of thinking about the tyres, unless you get a flat one, right?


Taking care of each part of your car and providing basic maintenance is a prerequisite to ensure your car’s longevity on the road. Performing some simple tasks may go a long way to prevent your car from breaking down, and save you from incurring a lot of expenses in the long run.

If you are yourself incapable of providing maintenance, you can take your car to the nearest service centre to get it looked at periodically. For instance, MG Auto Tyres is one of the service providers that can perform a total inspection of your vehicle.

Why should the tyres be one of your prime concerns?

It is a no-brainer that a car will not run on punctured tyres. It is one of the primary components of the vehicle and needs to be in top condition for it to run smoothly. Even the smallest glitch with the tyres can end in disastrous consequences. Not to mention it is also illegal for you to drive on tyres that don’t pass the MOT test.

Thus, it is vital for you to know specific tips that will aid in your tyre’s maintenance.

Essential Tips for Your Car’s Tyre Maintenance:

There are five crucial pointers you should keep in mind while thinking of tyre maintenance. These are:

·        Tyre Pressure:

It is common knowledge that every tyre needs a specific amount of pressure to be functional. If tyres do not have enough air pressure, they can either get damaged resulting in the car spinning out of control, or cause excess fuel consumption. That is why you should check the tyre pressure at least once every month.

·         Wheel Alignment:

Wheel alignment means the process of aligning the axles and wheels properly. It is crucial for wheel alignment.In turn,it protects the car’s suspension and bearings, reduces the wearing of tyres and prevents vibrations. So it is vital that you check your Wheel Alignment Ripley.

·         Tyre treads:

All tyres in the UK need to have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm around the circumference, at all given times. That is why it is illegal to drive using Car Tyres in Ripley that has lesser tread depth. Treads are also crucial because they help to repel water from tyres and prevent aquaplaning.

·         Rotation:

Tyres need rotation from one position to another once in a while to ensure even wear and tear. Since front tyres carry more load, they wear down quicker,and that is why they need swapping with the rear tyres to prolong their life.

·         Other Repairs:

Maintenance, of course, includes all other repair work. If you get your tyres looked at by a specialist, they can check the exterior as well as the interiors of the tyres. Thus once in a while, it inessential to take your car to a service centre to get the tyres checked out.

If you keep these five crucial points in mind, you will cover your tyre maintenance requirements and ensure a long and healthy tyre service life.

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