The blueprint of buying an Apple Watch Series 4 on a budget

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Despite its astronomical price tag, the latest Apple Watch is loved by many like you. You still have this hope that your wrist will get to wear that latest smartwatch from Apple sometime — you want to own it, after all.

But you can’t swallow its huge price tag, can you? We bet not. Well, to be precise, if you’re going with the entry-level variant of Apple Watch Series 4, you’ll have to cough up $721. No doubt, it’s a big amount for many people. (And we’re still not talking about the flagship variants that cost upwards of $1,000.)

And if this amount is a big one for you, then you may have to reconsider the option of owning one. Maybe you have to drop the idea of buying such a smartwatch altogether.

Nonetheless, if you’re smart enough to research and know all your options perfectly well, you have a solid chance of owning this sleek smartwatch.

How come there’s a solid chance for me to own this super-stylish smartwatch, you may think.

But there’s a chance if you lay your hands on the greatest shopping trend of all time.

Which is what, you ask?

Well, it’s known as layby — and in this post, we’ll help you discover exactly how this shopping option will help you own a costly smartwatch without breaking the bank.

Understanding the interesting, lucrative world of layby

Well, to understand layby in full, first let’s get the low-on how the traditional instalments work.

Suppose you want to buy an Apple Watch Series 4 (the entry-level variant) in instalments. If that’s the case, you’ll pay the price of the product in chunks. And these chunks aren’t ordinary chunks of money — instead, they’ll be priced at sky-high interest rates.

In the case of instalments, the final price of the product will be higher than its original price. So, basically, instalments are just a convenient way of spending more money. You just have the comfort of paying the final price in portions over a predefined time period. That’s that — instalments don’t have any monetary benefits whatsoever.

That’s what brings us to the exciting world of layby shopping. When you buy anything on layby, you’ll have to pay the instalments for sure. But the best part is that these instalments won’t come at crushing interest.

Yes, the instalments that you have to pay while buying the latest Apple Watch on layby come at zero per cent interest. Imagine you want to buy the same entry-level Apple Watch Series 4 on layby. So, when you buy that watch, you won’t have to pay the entire amount in one go — you’ll definitely have instalments. But these instalments won’t come at any interest — rather, they’ll be part of the total cost minus the interest.

In the end

So, what’re you waiting for? If you want to buy the latest Apple Watch, buy it on layby. That way, you’ll own even the costliest smartwatch the easy way without paying the full amount up front. The last thing you’d required to do is this: Find a good online store that’s offering the latest and greatest products such as the Apple Watch Series 4 on layby with zero hassle.

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