The ultimate tip to buy a good DSLR camera without spending too much at once

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If you’re dead serious about raising your photography skills to the next level, you must invest in a good DSLR camera without fail. This family of digital cameras has something for everyone regardless of their experience and technical expertise. Yes, if you’re looking for a DSLR camera, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Despite that, most people argue that DSLRs are dead since high-end, camera-centric smartphones have made their way inside people’s pockets. This, however, isn’t true. Why? Well, because when you invest in a DSLR camera, you get ample manual control, a bigger and better sensor, and the option to change lenses as per the subject and scene.

That is to say, a DSLR camera gives you way more control and flexibility when it comes to a smartphone camera. And let’s not forget the fact that a DSLR is still one of the best options for anyone who wants to get a camera that has a viewfinder and interchangeable lenses. Maybe that’s why more and more professional shutterbugs—sports photographers, press people, and wildlife photographers—rely on a full-frame DSLR cam over any other variety.

But a DSLR camera can cost you a bomb for sure. For example, consider the EOS 5DS camera from Canon; this beast can set you back by almost $4,732.00. Now, most of you won’t be able to cough up such a big amount at once—and that’s understandable, too, unless you’re very rich.

So, if that’s the case, you may get disheartened and even go to the extent of dropping your dream of being a good photographer.

In a way, the astronomical price tag has made you throttle your dreams once and for all.

But, wait, there’s an option—a ray of hope that can save your dream of honing your photographic skills and of being an ace photographer.

And the name of that option is layby.

Buying a DSLR camera on layby

When you buy a DSLR camera on layby, you divide the price of the equipment into manageable chunks. But that’s not all because these chunks won’t come at crushing interest. That is, the layby instalments will be interest-free.

Because of this fact, layby makes buying a DSLR camera easy on your pocket.

Need an example to explain how you can buy a DSLR camera on layby? Well, let’s have an example then.

Suppose you’re buying a Nikon DSLR camera that’ll cost you almost $3,000. Now if you’re buying this equipment on layby, it’ll be easier for you to make the purchase. Why? Because you won’t have to close the deal by paying the whole amount in one go; instead, you’ll have to pay the price in instalments that come at 0% interest.

These instalments need to be paid within a predefined time period. That’s why buying a DSLR camera on layby is a great option if you don’t think it’s a good idea to spend so much cash at once.

Putting all of this together

So, what’re you waiting for? You can use Layby services in NZ for buying the best DSLR camera without hurting your budget in any way. All you need to do is this: Find a good online store that’s offering top-of-the-line DSLR cameras on layby. Once you’ve done that, it’s half the battle.

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