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Everyone and welcome back to this class in this section I'm going to go over some common questions that students have and some general tips that have helped students in the past. Please keep in mind that this is not a core part of the course. These are just common general questions that students Hadoop training in Delhi have had about machine learning or about my courses in general. I realize that it's not useful for everyone but please keep in mind that it's useful for someone. There are a few people out there that tell me they think all the lectures should only answer their questions but not anyone else's questions.

So just keep in mind that many of your fellow students have asked me these questions in the past and in order to answer those questions in a skillful way I've created this section. Please try not to hold it against me as this may not directly help big data training you but it may help your fellow students. Please also keep in mind that the appendix section in no way takes away from the core content. All the material provided for the topic matter is exactly what I wanted to provide. These appendix lectures are simply extra stuff so these appendix lectures do not displace any technical content.

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If the appendix section did not exist the technical part of this course would be exactly the same as it is now. So just remember this the appendix is in addition to the technical content. It does not displace any technical content. 

1. You get all the technical content that I intended. Also, keep in mind that you are always Hadoop training in Delhi able to select the lecturer you want using the user interface. That's this thing. If you don't know how to use the video player to select a lecturer please ask me how on the are contacted you to my support?

2. So you're encouraged to select the lectures you want to watch manually and skip lectures you don't want to watch. Also, keep in mind however that a common mistake is in thinking that this material is not going to help you when in reality it will.  

3. I come across students all the time who have no idea how to get started Hadoop training in Delhi implementing machine learning algorithms in code or why we are doing so in the first place. Then I come to find that they have never watched how to code by yourself. 

4. I think it goes without saying that if you don't know how to code by yourself you should probably watch the lecture how to code by yourself. The same thing goes for the other lectures in this section. All right let's get to the lectures. 

5. Everyone and welcome back to this class in this lecture I'm going to go over a better way to install data science and machine learning libraries for Python for Windows users. Historically Windows users have Hadoop training in Delhi had a lot of problems installing this stuff. 

6. Luckily these days there is an option that makes things very painless and just as easy as they are on Linux or Mac that is Anaconda. In fact, even if you're not on Windows you can still use Anaconda. 

7. It's nice because it isolates your environment from the defaults provided on your system. So, for example, you can have Python in Anaconda but Python as your system default, When I first started these courses.


I wasn't keen on Windows since there were a few essential libraries that couldn't be installed on Windows without a significant amount of effort. If at all in my view anything beyond a couple of lines in the console or clicking an install file is too much. And believe me, some students even have trouble with Hadoop training in Delhi that so it's good not to make things too complicated before you can even begin the course. Nowadays that is changed. It's a lot easier to install things on Windows. In large part thanks to Anaconda. And so this lecture is all about how to install all the data science and machine learning libraries you'll need on Windows using Anaconda.

So in this lecture, I'm going to walk you through how to install Anaconda as well as some of the libraries you might need that doesn't already come with Anaconda. You'll find that most of the common libraries such as pi and supply are already included. So if that's all you want to use them for you it's just one click install on this slide. I'm going to give you a super short summarize version of this lecture so you don't have to walk through the installation with me if you don't want to. For some hadoop training in delhi people that really helps since you can see it. But if you can do it on your own feel free so number one. Download and install Anaconda. This is just a one-click install. It already includes some pie's Type-I not plugged lib and pandas. That's all we need for the NUMP stack in Python. Linear regression and logistic regression and a few more courses. It also comes with K which is what we use for an LP and psyche learning which has some pre-built machine learning models.

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