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The technological advancement has led to an increase in data generation sources. Today social media alone is generating humongous amounts of data that have made it impossible for the traditional means to process and analyze the data. This huge amount of data is known as big data. It is important for the companies to store, maintain process and analyze the big data in order to gain any valuable insight that might help during the decision making process. Earlier the data that was being generated was in a linear and structured format which made it simpler for the traditional tools to store, maintain and analyze the data and now the big data is emerging from various sources that too in varied formats. In order to handle, store, process and analyze this kind of humongous unstructured data, companies are making full use of Hadoop Framework. Any candidate who is looking forward to understand and is willing to work on Hadoop framework can join the best Big Data Hadoop training in Delhi.


Big data is nothing but the huge datasets that are being generated from various sources, like:


·         Stock Exchange Data

·         Transport Data

·         Healthcare Sector

·         Banking

·         Digital Media

·         Marketing

·         Education Field

·         Law Making

·         Technology

·         Smart Cities


This data is divided into the following parts and is therefore difficult for the traditional means to process it.

·         Structured: Structured data consists of data that are numeric in nature

·         Semi-structured: These are neither structured nor unstructured in nature and involve XML types of data.

·         Unstructured: These type of data that are in abundance and is really important for the companies to process it. These include PDF, Word Doc., Media Log, etc


Further, this big data is measured using 3Vs that are volume, Velocity, and variety.


·         Volume: Volume is the amount of data that is collected from different sources. The sources include organizations, social media, etc.


·         Velocity: Velocity is the pace of data at which the sources generate the data. For instance, nowadays social media is generating data at a very fast speed. It includes all the likes, comments, tags, etc. that are generated in a limited time frame


·         Variety: As mentioned earlier, data is categorized into three types; therefore, the data generated is of a variety of formats, like Structured, Semi-structured, Unstructured.


Processing big data becomes really important for companies as it benefits them in various ways. Firstly storage of big data is really important to further process it and therefore Hadoop is the best framework as it helps in storing this humongous amount of data in a safe and secure manner. Moreover analyzing big data provides valuable insights like various trends and patterns that help in strategizing about future activities and eliminates any risk that might befall. Even these insights help in analyzing the root cause of failure. This analysis of patterns and trends even provides a competitive advantage to the companies and saves millions of dollars for the companies. 

At last, the Hadoop framework improves customer engagement and loyalty.



Hadoop is an Apache product that is written in Java. This open-source framework was first released on 10th of December, 2010, and today is being used by millions of companies. This framework allows the companies to maintain and process huge amounts of data from a cluster of hardware system using a simple programming model known as MapReduce.




Before Hadoop, MapReduce was being used by Google to provide the solution to tackle Big Data. Google used this algorithm to split one big task into smaller parts and further assigned them to different computers for the processing work. And after the completion of the processing work, the results are collected from each of the systems and are integrated to provide detailed datasets. Hadoop took inspiration from the same process and was then developed using the MapReduce algorithm. It uses the same MapReduce algorithm for processing the data in parallel with others and statistically analyzes and process huge amounts of data.  


The architecture of Hadoop Framework


Mentioned below is the architecture of Hadoop framework:


·         MapReduce Processing layer handled by MapReduce

·         HDFS Storage Layer known as HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

·         Hadoop Common

·         Hadoop Yarn

KVCH is the best Big Data Hadoop training institute in Delhi that helps the candidate gain full knowledge about the big data and Hadoop framework. Candidates here get to experience industry environment while working on real-time industry projects. The training is provided by industry experienced trainers that guide the candidates throughout the program. At last, the candidates are even awarded a globally recognized certificate. With all the practical exposure the candidates are prepared according to the industry standards and are even offered 100% placement assistance.

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