The best simple ways to organize your wardrobe

by Dorano V. Professional PR since 2010

Maintaining an organized wardrobe will be a process you go through continually. There will always be a need to update your wardrobe. These few tips will help you organize your closet.

Declutter your wardrobe

Many people are afraid of decluttering because they are holding onto things that they will need one day. When it comes to arranging your closet, focus on what you have. The first step is to take out everything from your wardrobe. It helps you see what space you have for storing the clothes and what you have in terms of clothes. It’s impossible to sort through items if you take them out one at a time. Remove everything from the closet, including hangers, baskets, and bins. When it comes to arranging your wardrobe, you need a clean and clear space to visualize how you will rearrange it. After taking out all your clothes and other items, dust the shelves and hanging rods. Also, Remove bins that may be collecting dirt.

Throw away damaged clothing


We all have that extra clothing that we don’t wear anymore. If you have old clothes that you no longer wear, consider donating it. Also, if you have any damaged clothes, then you have to throw it away. It’s not easy to repair big holes in seams. Clothes with gaps in stitches and seams should be thrown away. Be realistic about what you can fix. But don’t donate torn clothes.

Organize your clothing by type

Rather than keep your clothes wherever you want, organize your clothes into sections. You can arrange your clothes in the heavy-duty clothes rail, and it becomes easier to locate them. You can organize them into sections such as skirts, skirts, pants, and jackets. This way, you don’t waste time looking for cloth.

Organize each section in your closet

After arranging your clothes in sections, rearrange the items in each section to make it look tidy. It makes the closet look beautiful. You can arrange by the length of the dress or length of sleeves. You can also choose to organize each section by color.

Fold Heavy Sweater

If you hang your heavy sweater, the weight stretches out the shoulders. Instead of hanging the sweater, fold them neatly and stack them in your wardrobe. You can stack the sweater on the shelf above your clothing rack for easy access, or you can keep the folded sweater in a plastic bag, so it’s easy to locate them. You can also put them in the lower drawer. Stack them on its side, so the sweater is easy to identify.

Keep the hamper nearby

Keep a hamper in your closet. It reduces the number of dirty clothes that can end up on your closet floor.

Don’t over-stuff the closet

Don’t put too much hanger in an already stuffed closet. You can make room in your closet by removing it from the dresser. It can get crumpled, but all it needs is a little ironing. It’s better than having an uncluttered closet. You can also get a heavy-duty clothes rail and keep the extra clothes on them.

Have a place for everything and put everything back in its place

The odds of keeping your closet clean and organized are much better if you know where everything belongs.

Organize your shoes

Keep your shoes in a clear container or shoe rack. Don’t keep your shoes in one box. Doing this can damage it. You can get a metal shoe rack and place it on you’re the floor of your wardrobe

Use Clothing Dividers

Make use of divider tags. Divider tags are easy to get, and you can use it to sort through different sizes of clothes in your wardrobe. Using divider tags makes it easier to find an item.

Use Shower Rings

Invest in shower rings. Shower rings are inexpensive, and you use it to create individual holders for your collection of clothes.


There’s nothing more discouraging than seeing a pile of clothes in your closet. It can be frustrating when you are looking for a piece of cloth. An organized wardrobe makes it easier to find your clothes, plus it makes the room look attractive.

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