7 ways to organize your wardrobe and clothes

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Your wardrobe is definitely a place you would spend most of your time in the morning. You get up then instantly start thinking about what you are going to wear to work or for an outing. And deciding that early in the morning can be task for some people. Most importantly, being able to find that outfit that you had in mind is a bigger task than that. This is where organizing your wardrobe comes in handy. When you have your clothes and wardrobe organized, you have a better picture of what all options you have and brings clarity in your mind. All those with OCD would understand me here as their wardrobes would give us an ideal picture of how it is actually done.

There are some tips and tricks to organize your wardrobe so that everything that you own sits in its own place and you can be more effective in the morning.

1.      The most important part in organizing your wardrobe is to have multiple shelves so that you never run out of space. Creating shelves and then storing your stuff is much easier when you are running out of time and do not want to waste second on finding the right clothes. It helps you to see clearly where your jeans or pants or t-shirts are kept so that you can pick whatever you like. You can also have open shelves which displays your collection of purses and bags or shoes. This will give a more aesthetic look and will help you keep your belongings in an uncluttered manner.


2.      One tip which will help you save a lot of space without crushing your clothes and keeping them intact is adding bars to your wardrobe. Adding multiple bars to hang clothes in a multi-layered manner will display your collection separately without you having to iron them time and again. You can also add a lot more clothes to your wardrobe by following this technique and will also make space your other items in your wardrobe.


3.      Another way to maximise the storage space is to use the corners of the room efficiently. Quite often it is seen that windows cover a large area of the room because, who does not love the morning sunlight and night sky? But this leaves you with a less wall space and in turn less space for your prized possession, clothes. But it does not have to be this way. You can use up the corners and have an organizer there hung up as well to keep small stuff or things that used daily or frequently.

You can also have drawers beneath the sitting area to utilize every inch of your furniture too.


4.      It is not necessary that you keep all your stuff in shelves or any storage space which is confined by 4 walls. The easiest way to actually keep your daily use stuff is to hang it. Yes, be it purses, bags or jewellery. You can have a hanger up behind any door or on a wall and hang all your purses there. This makes them readily available to just pick and go when you are on the move.


5.      People can obsess over a lot of things but one of the most common things that they obsess over is shoes. Some people are just crazy about shoes and have a separate closet for them too! But you have space constraints like most of us do, you can line them up in such a manner that one shoe’s toe is facing outside while the other pair’s heel is facing outside. By arranging your shoes in such a manner, you can effectively use all the space you have to the maximum capacity.


6.      Those living in places with extreme weather conditions of all types need to constantly switch their wardrobe according to the type of weather they have. One easy solution to handle this is to create a higher length of the wardrobe to keep all the out of season clothes up in the shelves wrapped in plastic or covered containers. Another solution is to wrap them and keep them under the bed.

7.      If you are a person who likes to wear a lot of scarves, then we have a perfect solution for you to organize it. Instead of folding and keeping them or just hanging them up a door, try using a rod and then displaying all your collection on it. It will also give a beautiful look to your wardrobe.

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