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Most people do not take care of their eyesight as we should until they start to have a problem, especially because of age. This usually persists after the age of 40, when there are disorders as frequent in the population as presbyopia or tired sight, which affects 60% of the elderly. However, it is necessary to take care of the eyes to keep them healthy and thus avoid more serious pathologist. The recommended thing to have good visual health is to have an annual revision to the ophthalmologist, dedicate a few simple cares to them at home, and to avoid all that can harm them.

What can affect your health

Air conditioning, spending many hours in front of the computer or other electronic devices, or having excessive lighting can cause different disorders:

Dry eye. It is a condition that suffers from 30% of Spaniards. Although it does not revert gravity, it does cause itching, itching, and a sensation of having grit in the eyes. It can be due, among other causes, to a dry environment that is due to the use of conditioned air or heating. In these cases, experts recommend using humidifiers and go to the ophthalmologist to prescribe artificial tears if you think fit.

Visual stress. It can cause you to keep your eyes fixed on a screen for many hours or to be in an environment with fluorescent lights. In these circumstances, the muscles of the eye make overexertion and this causes irritation and ocular dryness. The best thing to avoid is having incandescent lamps and, if you are a long time with the computer, keeps your eyesight about 50 centimeters away and take breaks every 10 minutes.

Allergies. The components of some cosmetics could lead to the appearance of styes. In this case, it is recommended to wash those with a physiological gauze and serum and choose cosmetics that are hypoallergenic.

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Ocular gymnastics

These simple exercises will help strengthen the muscles of the eyes and avoid visual fatigue.

To relieve eye strain: Look left and right without moving your head. Then, up and down.

For Dryness: Blinks the eyes several times. This gesture acts as a massage and will cause you to secrete more tears.

To reduce stress: look at an object that is round in shape and circles its eyes without moving its head.

It can also, help you...

Choose the right glasses. Make sure they are well-graded and regularly go to the ophthalmologist to check your vision. If you wear contact lenses are very strict that you’re cleaning. If you wear sunglasses, choose them homologous because the sun's rays can lead to serious disorders such as edema or cataracts.

Feed the view. With foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (you'll find them in bluefish) or fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, and E (such as carrots, citrus fruits, and nuts). These nutrients can help you prevent diseases like cataracts, muscular degeneration, or dryness.

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