The Benefits of Joining an Artists Gallery

by Denny F. My Opinion

There are a wide range of options for artists to disseminate their work, gain notoriety and make a living through their art. In the modern day, many of these avenues are online with the creation of websites, social media work, and online advertising. For many artists, however, there are still many benefits to joining a gallery. There can be many benefits to being part of a gallery and a community of artists rather than simply working to sell your works as an individual. This article will give you some insights on the various benefits of joining a gallery for artists.

Publicity and Highly Valued Works

Having your work displayed in a gallery is a great way to make sure that a large number of potential customers have the chance to view your work. Galleries get a lot of traffic simply from having art from a wide variety of artists available and having regular opening hours. Additionally, works that are included in a gallery setting tend to be viewed as more highly valued, because they have been selected as great works by other individuals. Joining a gallery gets an artist a certain level of respect and notoriety outside of simply having people enjoy your work.

Gallery Events

Another great benefit to joining an artist gallery is that you can take advantage of the gallery’s events. Frequently there are regular events that attract a wide range of audience members to discuss and analyze the various works housed at the gallery. This not only gives exposure of your work to more people, but can frequently offer you the opportunity to talk in depth about yourself and your work, further intriguing any potential viewers. 

More Time for Creation

In addition to the chance to display and discuss your work, joining a gallery allows an artist to have more time for art creation. Because a gallery will take care of maintaining the gallery space, facilitating customers viewing works, and even many of the sale points, they free up a lot more of your time for creating more work and engaging in art.

Financial Benefits

Many artists decide against joining a gallery because the gallery will take a commission from every work sold. While this is true, galleries also tend to value an artist's work more highly and will sell it for a higher profit than artists operating as individuals tend to. You are also able to negotiate your own specific contract with the gallery when you initially join, so you are still in control of your own commission rates.


Another great benefit to working with a gallery is the opportunity to join and connect with other artists. You not only expose your work to new people at a gallery, but you get the opportunity to meet other local artists that you could potentially collaborate with or gain inspiration from in the future. Being part of a strong artist network helps to build a sense of community and open the door to a vast range of future opportunities.

The Final Decision to Join An Artist Gallery

Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to join an artist gallery is specific to each individual artist and their business needs. You will need to consider the kind of customers you need to attract and the available galleries in your area that would be a good fit for your artist personality and your work. If you are at all intrigued by the idea of joining an artist gallery, you should reach out to some local spots right away to learn more about working with them.

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