4 Easy Steps to Replace Electrical Sockets without Calling a Handyman

by Monica Montana London Handyman Service

Can I replace an electrical socket?  Well did you know that around the world, there are currently 15 types of electrical sockets and plugs in use today? You know that feeling that “there is never the right socket in your house when you need it or there are not enough sockets in the house. Well now you know why.

Electrical receptacle (outlets) is a socket that provides electrical power to electronic devices by connection through wires. Most times, electrical sockets are placed in walls, though they can be rewired on the fall or anywhere it is needed. They are also found in ceilings in the case of powering ceiling tools and devices like your garage doors and many more.

Most people think can I replace an electrical socket or how to replace a double electric socket but really the only danger that can occur doing replacement of an electrical socket is electrocution and if you switch off the power to the entire house before you commence, you have nothing to fear. But if you have doubt, you can leave the job to your trusted local handyman

For electrical socket replacement, you will need a screwdriver, cutter tool and a new electrical socket.

STEP 1: Cut off power to the socket

For safety reasons, you should always turn off the electricity from the fuse box before you commence any work, you can check if there is any power in the socket with any appliance. For additional safety, make sure you lock the fuse box after you turn it off.

STEP 2: Remove faceplate

Unscrew the screws on the faceplate; make sure to keep the screws because some new sockets don’t come with screws. Note if you have a metal box in the wall, your earth cable will be connected to it then to the socket.

STEP 3: Take note of the wiring

Some sockets come with symbols and letters but others may just need you to use your head so you can take a picture with your phone to know which wire goes where. In old houses, you have the Black=Neutral, Green=Earth and Red=Live but nowadays you have Yellow/Green=Earth, Blue=Neutral and Brown=Live or L=Live, E=Earth and N=Neutral. So from each terminal then you remove the wires on the old socket

STEP 4: Fix in the new socket

Using your picture as a guideline, Look at what wire goes where, if you see a worn out copper; you can always cut it off and expose a new wire by removing small part of insulation on the wire. You then fix the wires in the terminals as seen in your picture or in the instructions, making sure that there is no copper visible. When you are done, press the faceplate to the wall and note the placement of the screw holes. Screw in tightly using the old screw if the new one doesn’t fit the holes. Turn on the electricity from the fuse box.

Whether it is one of the 15 types of sockets, you are interested in or you just want to replace the sockets in the entire house, you can put your faith in Handyfox handyman service. Visit website or call now.

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