The Advantages of Putting in a New High-Efficiency Furnace

by Robert Morgan airzonehvac

If the chilly weather is placing a strain on your finances, decreasing your heating bill is one of the simplest and most efficient money-saving measures a homeowner can make. Switching from an outdated furnace to a new high-efficiency furnace system with the correct new furnace cost can save thousands of dollars in fuel.

Aside from the average cost of new furnace in Ottawa the obvious energy savings of a high-efficiency system, a new furnace can have a variety of other good effects on your house, life, and even your health.

1- AFUE (Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

Systems more than 20 years old frequently have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of around 65 per cent. A piece of combustion equipment's thermal efficiency, such as a furnace, boiler, or water heater, is measured using AFUE. An older gas or oil furnace with a 65 per cent AFUE rating produces 65 BTUs of useful heating for every 100 BTUs of natural gas or heating oil input.

New high-efficiency furnace systems often have AFUE ratings considerably above 90% and can reach 97 per cent. These new high-efficiency furnaces can pay for themselves in a matter of years due to the significant increase in fuel economy.

2- Excellent Air Flow

New furnace systems can circulate air more evenly throughout the home. These high-efficiency systems provide more even heating and may keep a steady temperature. A newer system with a lower BTU rating can frequently outperform an older system with a considerably higher rating.

The better health of your family members may be the most important reason to replace your furnace. A new system's improved airflow may remove contaminants from the air and minimize mould formation, in addition to providing equal heating. These elements can help to improve your home's indoor atmosphere, resulting in healthier breathing.

3- Operation is quieter

Aside from the health and energy benefits of a modern furnace, current systems produce significantly less noise than previous models. High-tech materials that suppress sound are used in new energy-efficient versions.

4- Enhanced resale value

The immediate savings you will realize from a high-efficiency furnace's higher AFUE ratings and equal heating are heavily emphasized. Furthermore, replacing your old furnace with a new model will increase the resale value of your home.

If you are afraid to invest in a new system because you anticipate moving to a new home, consider that prospective home buyer analyze your HVAC systems and their new furnace cost when making an offer on a home. Purchasing a new furnace now could save you thousands of dollars later if you decide to sell your property.

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Contact AirZone HVAC Services if you want to learn more about high-efficiency furnaces, new furnace costs in Ottawa and the impact they may have on your house.

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