What causes indoor air pollution, and how should I tackle it?

by Robert Morgan airzonehvac

We may not realize it, but our indoor air is twice as polluted as the outdoor air. The main reason for this is that the indoor surrounding is comparatively airtight than the outdoor surroundings, which means small space and concentrated pollutants. 

That is why knowing what leads to indoor air pollution is a must so that you can tackle them properly. 

Well, follow us through the blog. We will tell you everything about indoor air pollution as well as the right remedy for it. 

Causes of pollution

1- Volatile Organic Compounds:

VOCs are common substances that get released into the household through plastic, resins or paint. It is released from pressed wood boards and is termed as Off-gassing. This process does not happen overnight. Which means your age-old paints can still cause it. 

2- Exhaust:

If your exhaust, fireplace or stoves aren’t vented properly, they can generate carbon monoxide and soot inside the house.

3- Tobacco:

If you practice smoking indoors then it will leave nicotine stains on most of the things nearby. Thus, polluting the indoor air.

4- Radon:

Soils and rocks have traces of uranium. When it breaks down naturally, it can lead to the formation of radon. And radon can easily enter your house through floor drains, cracks or dirt. 

5- Biological matters:

These matters contain pollen, mould or animal dander. They usually mix with the air and can cause respiratory issues. 

How to combat these air pollutants

There are a few easy ways in which you can get rid of most of the pollutants. And these are:

1- Replace air filters:

Air filters trap most of the air pollutants that are found indoors. Thus, making them the most important investment. However, you must inspect the air filters and keep them changing every 30 to 90 days. 

2- Open the windows:

You must open the windows for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. This way, you will get rid of indoor pollutants and simultaneously allow the fresh air to enter the house. When this trick is combined with your efficient ventilation system, you can directly minimize the indoor pollutants.

3- Keep the humidity in control:

Take the help of an indoor humidifier/dehumidifier. It will allow you to retain the perfect indoor humidity level. You can also schedule a few Air conditioning repair services throughout the year. This way, you can stay away from mould and mildew growth.

4- Change your lifestyle:

The best way to eliminate most pollutants is by taking your smoking sessions outdoor. You can also keep your pet well bathed regularly. 

Bottom line

We hope our blog was an informative read.

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