The Advantages of Electronic and Vapor Cigarettes

by Kevin Smith Author

Vapor cigarettes or vaporizers used to be bought exclusively by the young generation. As new types of smoking devices, they took a few years to achieve widespread appeal. Now, however, it'd be a surprise to see your grandma smoking traditional cigarettes anymore. The benefits of electronic or vapor cigarettes are too numerous for anyone to ignore. The following are the main reasons that these smoking devices have found such wide appreciation.


Although traditional cigarettes are portable, they're easy to squish unless you keep them in a package. If you get a little water onto them, they're immediately ruined. With vaporizers, their metal bodies are durable and designed to be used over and over. You can stow them in a purse, as they're the same size and weight as some pens. Although you won't want to get them wet or drop them, many of the hardier brands can take a beating before they stop functioning altogether.

Rechargeable and More Affordable

In many states, the taxes added to packs of cigarettes make them less affordable. Vapor cigarettes' batteries can be recharged so you can use the same one over and over, reducing their cost over time. Although you need to buy fluid and sometimes extra parts, these are often much less expensive than buying packs of cigarettes.

Provide Filtration

Many cigarettes and pipe tobacco contain additives that are bad for a person's health. Even older smokers are switching to vaporizers because they know exactly the ingredients contained in the fluid. Most fluid only has a few ingredients, including synthetic flavors, nicotine, and vegetable glycerin as a vehicle. The superheated vapor isn't as harsh on the mouth and throat as the smoke from cigarettes, especially when you purchase types that provide additional levels of filtering action.

A Variety of Flavors

From cappuccino to strawberry, you can find almost any flavor you can think of in e-cigarette fluid. You can create unique combinations, like daiquiri or piƱa colada, so you'll never run out of new things to try when you're smoking. This keeps the experience fresh and customizable. Additionally, you can customize the amount of nicotine in each flavor. If you want to cut back or quit altogether, you can gradually lower the level of nicotine until you have none. You can even get vapor fluid without nicotine, so you can keep enjoying the experience long after you've stopped "officially" smoking.

Unique Designs

Every vaporizer and vapor cigarette can come in a number of different colors, designs, and specifications. This makes them as unique as you are.

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